To Read

Check out the books that we are planning to read, click the images to get your own copy

Tate James

vixen leads the dragons wing the tiger ambush

Tate James and C.M Stunich

elements of mischief elements of ruin elements of destiny


escape the sea love the sea

M.j Scott

Cece Rose and G. Bailey

marked by power

C. M Stunich

pack ebon red pack violet shadow pack obsudian gold

Farah Oomerbhoy

the last of the firedrakes

Kiersten White

And i darken

Amy Harmon

The bird and the sword

Elly Blake

Frost blood

Amber Lynn Natusch


Karen Tomlinson

a bond of venom and magic

Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone

queen heir

L. C. Hibbett

The shadow children The shadow city the shadow war

Kristen Banet

Wild pride Wild fire

Joely Sue Burkhart

Queen takes knights Queen takes king

Laura Thalassa

Emperor of evening stars

Rin Chupeco

The bone witch

Jenna Wolfhart

wings of stone