Slayer (Dragon Tamer Book 1) by [Culican, J.A., Armitage, J.A.]Slayer, the first in the Dragon Tamer series J.A. Culican and J.A. Armitage. Julianna has been raised her whole life to be a dragon slayer.  Everyone in her village and her family have all been raised to be hunters. In their village they live below a mountain that they have to climb in order to locate the dragons that could put their village and way of life at risk. Julianna has been practicing for the last year in secret after her brother turned 18 and was given his armour and sword. Julianna took one of the training swords and taught herself to fight watching her brother be trained by their father. Julianna in her first fight against her brother bests him and after only a day of training while her brother took months before he was ready is sent with her father on her first hunt.

While hiking up the mountain hunting her first dragon, Julianna notices that there is something different about the red dragon flying over head and Julianna can’t kill it after thinking that it is just protecting an egg.  When she stumbles and falls off the side of the cliff and the dragon swoops down and rescues Julianna.

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Cross the Line Magic

Cross the Line Magic (Believers Book 2) by [Guyer, C.V.]Book Two, Cross the Line Magic in the Believers Series by C & V Guyer. This story follows Mac and Jax in their own story. Mac has finally decided to move out of her parents basement.  But she thinks that they will be upset that she is going, but in fact they are overjoyed and happy to add naked days back to the calendar. Jax has gone out of his way to get himself involved with Mac’s family.  Spending time getting his butt kicked by her brothers, shopping with her mom. Jax knows that Mac is the girl from him, just like his brother Max knew that Laney was the girl for him. Jax finds a way to learn where Mac is moving and snatches up the apartment next door to her. The two fight their attraction while living next door to each other. More secrets are learned about Mac and her gaming profession and Jax and his military work. Jax’s magic is quite different from his brother in that he can’t ever be trapped and can get out of anything.

Can Jax win Mac’s heart or will his magic come between them, or will it be the pig?

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The Lost Savior

The Lost Savior: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Alinthia Book 1) by [Davis, Siobhan]The Lost Savior by Siobhan Davis is in a way out of this world (sorry bad pun).  Tori is in her senior year and goes out with her three closest friends to get a dress for Winter Formal.  While at the mall, the group runs into a creepy guy that freaks Tori and her friends out.  After the run in the girls leave to eat where Tori becomes violent ill randomly and decides that going home is the most important thing she can do.  But on her way home the creepy guy drops out of the sky in front of the car and uses telekinesis to lift the car.  He attempts to steal Tori away but she fights him to receive a drastic injury. While asleep, 4 guys come into her room in order to cure the poison that the creep used on her.  The guys appear in her room while she doesn’t realize that they are there for her.  Tori comes to realizing she is better though thinking her mom is the reason for it. Tori’s friend Kylie remembers everything but the other two don’t know what happened aside from a lie that Tori and Kylie tell to them and to Jensen, Tori’s long time boyfriend. The four guys come into her life and Tori is immediately drawn to them much to the discomfort of her boyfriend. Tori starts to learn that she has new skills and she can’t help but want to be near the guys and starts to have feelings for them even though she loves her boyfriend. She doesn’t want to ruin her life, but once she learns that she isn’t exactly from this planet her outlook changes.

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A Curse of Fire

A Curse of Fire (Fae Academy Book 1) by [Shade, Sophia]Book One of Fae Academy: A Curse of Fire by Sophia Shade is the first by this new author. Imogen and her mother have been on the run for the majority of her life.  She never stays anyplace more than 2 or 3 months.  But once Imogen has turned 18, those that have been chasing them seem to have caught up. Imogen finally learns why they have been on the run. Her father was a Fae and hooked up with her mom and when halflings reach the age of 18 are expected to attend Callador a Fae only university. Callador teaches each of the four elements and the seelie and unseelie youth how to control their powers and understand the Fae world they are apart of. Imogen is forced in the world not knowing anything that is going on and goes to Callador only knowing for a few hours before she arrived. One her first day she meets Ella and Dannika, a half fae and a full fae. Imogen learns that she is a fire fae and begins her training to master how to use the skills practically. On her first day Imogen meets Caleb an unseelie fire prince and Erick a third year full-blooded fire fae. Imogen starts to notice issues occuring at school with students getting sick and others getting attacked. She starts to build a relationship with not only Caleb but she starts to grow interested in Erick when they do nothing but fight. Can Imogen fit in at Callador and learn to master her fire skills and find out why so many students are sick?

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Crown of Betrayal

Crown of BetrayalCrown of Betrayal, the second book in the Wicked Kingdoms Series by Graceley Knox.
If you haven’t read the first book, read that review here and start this great adventure.

The story picks up where it left off in the first book, only there is a small introduction of a certain person in a prison.
Her greatest threat to Ever is imprisoned and gone for good. So now she can focus on what really matters, getting rid of the goblins in her life, who are there for her “protection” and getting back to work capturing rogue Fae. And most important to stop thinking about Dare, and his sexy body, strong muscle, perfect face and his autumn coloured eyes. *Drool*

Only there are other problems, like Ever’s mother who has gone missing. And then finding an ancient race long believed dead. More and more questions pile up and danger creeps closer.
Trying to keep Dare at a distant and trying to keep everyone safe, including her new family member Arela.
The troubles keep coming and keep stressing Ever out.
Ever can no longer deny the pull Dare has over her heart and her body. As they forge a new bond, betrayal strikes, and its closer to home than either of them could have imagined.

They have to work together, to make sure they can stay together. The only thing that binds them is the trust they’ve put in each other and the emotions Ever refuses to name.
When everything starts to crumble and Ever can’t protect the ones she loves, she has to make a decision. One she hoped to never make.
After that Ever needs to fix her life and the world. Will she succeed or will she be left to pick up the pieces?

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Dragon’s Curse

Dragon's Curse: a Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (The Dragon's Gift Trilogy Book 3) by [Walt, Jasmine, Sage, May]The final book in the Dragon’s Gift series by Jasmine Walt and May Sage has been released.

Idonea: And it was so good!!!

This reverse harem novel follows the continuing story of Dareena and the three dragonbron princes Drystan, Lucyan and Alistair. With the death of Taldren and the kidnapping of Basilla, Dareena and her mates are unsure how to move next. The dragons can feel the warlocks right on their doorstep. Royals (Basilla’s brother) and Lucyan decide to infiltrate the warlock lands in order to learn more about what is going on and to find and rescue Basilla before anything can happen to her at the hands of the warlock prince. Alistair joins his sisters in training the remaining military forces to prepare for war. And as always Drystan is left at the castle to deal with the politics of home. But Drystan is lucky to still get to stay close to a pregnant Dareena. Drystan is able to visit the Dragon God.

Amanda: Totally love the god.

And learn of some of his plans. He also is told how to recognize the next Oracle. Dareena in her pregnant state is given three ladies in waiting, one of them being her enemy from Hallowdale, Lyria. More issues arise, that even the dragon princes can’t anticipate.Read More »

Cross the Hall Magic

Cross the Hall Magic (Believers Book 1) by [Guyer, C.V.]First book by writing mother and daughter team, Cross the Hall Magic, in their Believers series is a super cute, YA book. The book follows the story of Laney a computer hacker and her across the hall neighbor Max Cross, world renowned magician. Laney like every day hunts her buildings mailman waiting for packages to be delivered, but this day is a little different than the others.  Her neighbor Max is helping his next door neighbor fix yet another broken lightbulb on her from stoop.  What catches Laney’s eye is a small minion tattoo (yep those bello minions) on his rather nicely toned backside. Max has had a crush on Laney and doesn’t quite grasp why everyone on his floor has been paying him a little more mind, including Laney.  He finds her checking him out and finally (after Laney’s package goes missing) getting the nerve asks her over.  Max, though isn’t just a magician working card tricks, he is a real magic user with the power over illusion, making his job choice perfect for him. With a few pieces of bewitched clothes, thanks to his mom and sister, Max makes a bigger splash then he had intended to at his day job.  After the help of his magical kitchen, Laney learns that all she had believed in was true. She often is forced to watch her best friend Mac’s pet pig Oswald. And as a former pig owner, there is just something different about Oswald. Laney gets introduced to different parts of Max’s life and meets members of his family that are a little bonkers.

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