Curse of Iron

Curse of Iron (Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles Book 1) by [Miers, D.D., Knox, Graceley]Curse of Iron, the first in the Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles by author team D.D. Miers and Graceley Knox.

Morgan Silk is a hybrid, the daughter of the Fae Storm King and a witch.  Her mothers family wants her dead. Morgan wakes up with a dead body in her bed, realizing that it is the Alpha of the local shifter pack.
While trying to figure out who framed her she learns that the Alphas best friend and right hand, Grayson Xenos is tailing her. He is a jaguar shifter and proved so different then she thought. The enemy that is after Morgan has a nasty streak for her and is out to take all that she has, but mainly her life.  Can she and Grayson figure out who not only killed his Alpha, but also who is trying to kill Morgan.

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Fire Bride

Fire Bride: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Drakoryan Brides Book 2) by [Sinclair, Ava]Fire Bride is the second in Ava Sinclair’s newest series. Lyla has come to accept her new mates and is in fact really enjoying her time with each one. There seems to be something going on with not only her lords, but the others.  A council meeting has been called and Lyla new to her position is meant to host all of the other Fire Brides. She has to feed and house and provide servants to care for the children the families bring with them.  But she starts to suspect that this is more than just a regular council meeting and that her mates are hiding things of vital importance from her.  She knows that she isn’t a typical Fire Bride.  She is more interested in finding knowledge and understanding the world that she is now a part of.

Lyla’s four mates are hiding a secret from her, even after Orin the seer told them that it would go against the prophecy that he had seen.  Keeping secrets could tear their family apart. The guys continue to without information, from not just Lyla, but from the council as well.  Two villages have been destroyed and all of the maidens taken.  What could the Shadowfell want with them, they are just beasts after all?

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Cursed: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Romance (The Gaia Chronicles Book 1) by [White, Grace]Cursed is the first in the Gaia Chronicles by Grace White. Terra Masterson has just experienced a hardship in her life.  For the last six years she has lived with her grandmother, but two years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and Terra became her caretaker putting the rest of her own life on hold. But now that her grandmother has passed, she wants Terra to stretch her wings and fly.  So six months before her death, her grandmother sent away all of the information for Terra to attend college at Atchison College near her home in Lebanon Kansas.

Terra finds herself to be a little different.  She, since childhood, has been able to feel nature.  She knows how trees and nature feels around her and it has made her feel outcast from others. as a child her parents didn’t want her to tell anyone, but after their death when she was 13, her grandmother convinced her to embrace her difference and never to be embarrassed by it.

Terra arrives at school right before it starts, and finds herself lost on campus but is soon helped out by sophomore Cael to make her way to her dorm. But he isn’t the only guy that has now shown an interest in Terra.  Ross who is similar to Terra, Endo is bright and firey, and Sol how is grounded.  Each of the guys has a connection to Terra, that she feels every time they brush against each other.  Why are these four guys so interested in Terra?  Does it have anything to do with her connection to nature?

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Phoenixcry: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Rogue Witch Book 1) by [Strange, KT]The new release from K.T. Strange, Phoenixcry is the first in the Rouge Witch Reverse Harem Series. Darcy tries really hard to appear like any human, but she has a secret that no one can know, well accept for her best friend Max. Darcy was what she considered a really poor lightning witch and fled from her family after a falling out.  Her family is well to do in the witch world and Darcy had been at their mercy.  But at 19 three years before she fled and enrolled herself in mundane college.  She had always enjoyed music but didn’t want to play for the rest of her life, so instead she majored in music management.  And the time for her internship for her senior year is here. Picked by XOhX label, Darcy is landing her dream future.  Though that all comes to a grinding halt when the band she is suppose to be managing walks in to meet her.  They might be the five hottest guys she has ever seen, but that doesn’t stop them from being werewolves, the sworn enemies of witches for hundreds of years. But Willa, Darcy’s boss can’t know the real reason she doesn’t want to work with the band.

But after the chance for a big break and the band to go on tour, Darcy relents and agrees to be their manager, even with all of the sexual tension. Can she stay safe from the reason the guys were asked to come on tour? And can she handle 5 werewolves whose music ties her into knots? Check out the music of Phoenixcry.

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Their Phoenix

Their Phoenix (Daughters of Olympus Book 3) by [Hart, Charlie, James, Anastasia]The third book in the Daughters of Olympus: Their Phoenix by Charlie Hart and Anastasia James brings the next sister into play. Lark is an acrobat in Vegas with the skills to get her own show at one of the fanciest hotels on the strip. She lives with her controlling mother that is also a witch that has set rules for her life. For her new show on the strip, her casting director Mark has hired the other people that will be her crew and performing with her. But they aren’t your average men.  The five guys, North, Vaughn, Sawyer, Arrow, and Brecken are the most attractive that she has ever seen and their skills in the air are beyond what she could imagine. The guys have a small secret though. They were sent by Gaia to protect and look out for Lark.  But on top of that they are hawk shifters that only want to keep her safe in whatever form that must. Lark begins to break her mother’s rules and learns about a past she never knew.  Her whole life starts to change while she begins her training for the new show.  She and the guys begin to develop feelings for each other that could change everything.  Gaia told the guys to protect her, but never said anything about not falling in love with Lark. Can Lark overcome her past to make way for her future? Can she handle when she learns about her past and who her father is?

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Mercy’s Protectors

Mercy's Protectors (Mercy Ashby Book 1) by [Hardin, A.M.]Mercy’s Protectors a new series by A.M. Hardin is available today. Mercy isn’t what she seems especially for an 18 year old.  Ten years prior, Mercy was kidnapped and tortured by Payne and his henchman Jerome. After four years of captivity, Mercy was rescued by her father and uncle, losing her father during the escape. Mercy is different though. While raised by her human mother, she is in fact a half demon. Getting neither her mothers blue or her fathers red demon eyes, Mercy got a blend of purple. When Jerome wanders too close to where Mercy and her mother are living, Mercy has to go into protective custody with the Order, a group of other supernaturals from the five races. Demon, witch, shifter, vampire, and fae. She is given to Hunter’s team and expected to follow his orders when all she has known is her mother and uncle. Her uncle taught her how to defend and fight making sure she never is a victim again. Mercy is being hunted, but can she stay hidden or will her new protectors have to protect her every day forever? What happens when those said five protectors are the sexiest men you’ve ever seen?

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The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave

Spoiler Alert: This is book four in this series, so check out Books 1-3 before you start this one.

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave (Nava Katz Book 4) by [Wilde, Deborah]I can’t praise Deborah Wilde enough.  Book 4 in the Nava Katz series The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave is as good if not better than the first three.  Nava and Rohan are finally a couple.  It only took three books for it to happen but the two have finally committed to each other. Nava is the only female Rasha in the Brotherhood. After helping her brother and twin Ari gain his skills, their relationship has grown back to how they where between them.  Nava and Rohan end up when a case falls right in their laps. On a date night out, Nava runs into two ladies from high school. They both decided to take a new drug on the market called SweetTooth. But the drug for Naomi has a negative reaction and makes her go a little crazy and start hurting herself and others, while it didn’t affect Christina. Rohan and Nava take on the case trying to find the link between the demon and the drug.  Nava grows stronger in her powers and starts to learn more about herself.  Can the two of them find out who Candyman is and stop more people from going crazy.

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