Turn: The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora by [Knox, Graceley, Miers, D.D.]Book three in the Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora, Turn by Graceley Knox and D.D. Miers. Carver has been taken and Aura is determined to find him. But at the same time Abe is calling her. So with Carver gone, Lucian and Aura set out to rescue Abe hoping he will be able to allow them to save Carver.

Lucian and Aura come up with a plan bringing Row and Reina along to Romania again to find Abe. After finding Abe and waking him, Aura is brought face to face with Marius, the man that bombed Morana’s partying stealing Carver away.

She is unhappy about having him along especially with the feelings that she begins to feel for him.  She had thought that when she saw him in the hall that it was nothing, but she starts to realize that their might be more to Marius than she thought.

Can she, along with Lucian and now Marius save Carver from Morana?  Or is it too late for him?

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Shadow Kissed

Shadow Kissed: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Witch's Rebels Book 1) by [Piper, Sarah]Shadow Kissed the first in The Witches Rebels series by Sarah Piper. Gray is in hiding.  Hiding from her past and hiding from hunters that want to kill witches. Gray fled her home in New York after her foster mother was killed by witch hunters.  She fled and arrived outside of Seattle where she was rescued from near death by four friends. Ronan and Asher, the demons, Emilio the cop shifter, and Darius the vampire. When Gray came too after weeks of being delirious, she could only remember Ronan and not the other guys.  But those guys still looked out for her.

On a delivery for her job in the middle of the night to take blood to the local vampire club, Gray stumbles upon a girl being held against her will by a sleazy human that is attempting to rape her. Gray tries to stop the attack but is attacked in response. As Gray is being hurt by the attacker, the young girl jumps on the guy and he tosses the girl across and she hits her head. Gray keeps fighting and the guy realizes that the girl is dying and flees. Gray tries to help the girl but loses connection with the lock that she had on her magic and taps into a part of her magic she never knew she had. She pushes the soul of the girl back into her body, but the girl doesn’t come back to life but is more like a zombie.

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Cursed by Night

Cursed by Night: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (Her Dark Protectors Book 1) by [Walt, Jasmine, Stark, Emma]Cursed by Night the first in Her Dark Protectors by Jasmine Walt and Emma Stark. Ace Bisset is a homicide detective in Philadelphia, Pa.  But  not just a typical homicide detective, Ace specializes in the cases that are strange or weird, even unsolvable.  She has made it her job to find what happens to those that are killed with “special circumstances.” Her newest case involves the body being drained of blood and bones missing.

Ace has just inherited her Aunt Mary’s house in rural Pennsylvania.  When she goes out to the house for the first time, she sees the four large gargoyle statues on the porch and roof. Ace beings to explore the house when she hears sounds on the roof as dusk breaks. When she goes to explore she is face to face with four large men and their wings. The gargoyles after over a thousand years has been woken up.  The guys have no idea why they are now awake but that Ace is the reason. The four gargolyes use to be Templars and were cursed over a thousand years before.

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Tempt (The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora Book 2) by [Knox, Graceley, Miers, D.D.]Book 2 Tempt in the Kresova Harem: Aurora by Graceley Know and D.D. Miers. Aurora is having nightmares of Abe and Abe is pushing for her to find him.  He is lost and has to be found in order to stop Morana. Morana requires that Carver visit her for a short stay that turns into a month apart. Aura hasn’t been with one of her men, since Lucian isn’t hers with his engagement to someone else. But once Carver finally makes it home, disaster strikes the girls house in New Orleans. A fire starts mysteriously burning the majority of the old house.  When the group retreats to one of Carvers safe houses, they learn that they weren’t as safe as they thought and that Morana knows exactly where they are.

Morana requires the presence of not just Carver but also Aura for the centennial event happening in Paris. Abe’s dreams are getting more intense, cause Aura the desire to not sleep, especially when Carver has to wake her from the nightmares. But with the help of Lucian, who seems to becoming more in tune with the future that has already been planned for him, the group heads towards Paris and the party that awaits them.

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Accacia’s Bite

accacia's biteThe third book in the Sister of Hex series Accacia´s Bite by Bea Paige is the last main book in Accacia´s series.
Devin has left and gone back to the queen at the castle after having his blood source being poisoned by the source. Devin has returned to being the queen´s punisher hurting any that the queen wants without know what he is even doing. Accacia can’t connect to him through their bond. Ezra and Rhain are required to return to the castle as the Dark Knights and Accacia works out a plan to go with them and try to get Devin back for their group. Accacia allows a spell to be put on her to change her appearance for three days to go with the guys and to retrieve Devin. Once in the castle, the group runs into Ether, an Angel of Death, that can kill by a touch of his hand. Like Clan Lux, his clan’s gift has also been turned from healing to hurting. The Queen is disappointed with the late arrivals of the two as Devin had returned prior. Ezra takes Accacia as his personal slave though with having upset the Queen she is sent to Devin. Devin is lost in his head and can´t seem to remember who he is or who Accacia is, and she isn´t even in her own body, kind of. Accacia has to attempt to get through to Devin and not have his bloodlust take him over again.

Amanda: This was a good read.
Idonea: I liked the first two books more than this one. It took me a little more time to get into it.
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Run Little Wolf

Another great read by G. Bailey. Run Little Wolf is the first in the Forest Pack Series. Harper goes to celebrate not only her last day of school but also her 18th birthday. Her best friend Colton is unable to go so she attends the party alone.  While speaking to her foster mother, Harper wanders away from the party where she is attacked by a wolf. Harper is rescued and taken away by a brother and sister to the Forest Pack lands.  Harper has been turned into a wolf.  While she is saved by the wolves, Colton has realized that Harper has gone missing. Colton had planned to reveal to Harper that he and his family were vampires, for her birthday since he had been in love with her and knew that she was his mate.  When Harper arrives at the Forest Pack she is introduced to the pack Alpha Nikoli. Nick takes one look at Harper and knows that she is his mate. Harper is still clueless about Colton but still is worried about him. Colton comes for Harper and tries to save her. Issues arise between the Forest Pack and a wild hog pack that try to find an excuse to invade pack lands. Could war becoming to the Forest Pack? How is Harper going to work through having two mates, one wolf and one vampire.

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Thirst (The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora Book 1) by [Knox, Graceley, Miers, D.D.]

Thirst: The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora is the meeting of minds between Graceley Knox and D.D. Miers. Aurora is a typical 20 something year old that lives in New Orleans. Out one night she was attacked by a vampire and has been fighting on changing completely into one. She, along with her best friend Reina, look to find a way to prevent the change in Aura. While searching for a ‘cure’ Aura meets Carver a vampire employed by the Vampire Queen Morana. Aura unlike every other vampire before her has had to drink within 24 hours from the Queen, while Aura has gone over a week on her own. Carver takes an interest in her and she in return takes an interest in him. Aura is forced to meet the queen and the meeting doesn’t go well and Aura knows of the cruelty and knows that she hates her. But does Carver?  He seems to do anything she want and Aura is hurt by his actions.What does this mean for Aura? Can she do anything about the queen.

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