Gene Born: Awakening

Gene Born: Awakening (The Koci Hybrid Series Book 1) by [Griffin, Lilly]Gene Born: Awakening is the Prequel to the Koci Hybrid series by Lilly Griffin. Earth is going to hell. Politicians didn’t listen to the scientist and global warming and war among other things has begun to make Earth inhospitable.  So the brightest minds from the world have come together in order to save humanity. Ships spaced out over years are planned to help the world start again. To preserve humanity men and women aged 18-25 have been taken from all over the world and put into cryosleep.  They have been told that they are going off planet to help save everyone. But those seven million people had 

been lied to. Instead they have been used to experimented on and augmented. Their bones have been altered, their looks, even their DNA. They have had experiments run and they had never been the wiser.  That is until the final ships are getting ready to leave and the scientist and military need to know how their experiments are holding up, and what kind of pain and torture they can take.

When Sloan comes too she has no control over her body, her voice, even her bowels.  She was implanted with an AI hooked up directly to her brain that controls everything she does. But Sloan is resourceful and starts learning how to work around her AI and take back control of parts of her brain.

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Their Sacrifice

Their Sacrifice: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 2) by [Michaels, Jazz]Their Sacrifice, Utopia Inc Book Two by by Jazz Michaels.

Valda remembers and with that come new struggles. She needs to find out how to get back.
Luckily she has her men around. Andreas, Hatch, Oz and Dirk all fight for her, stand by her and help her to solve this puzzle they are in, over and over they will help. Only time is running out, she needs to escape, she needs to find her way home.

When things get harder and problems get bigger she finds a solution, only not everyone is happy with the answer she has to the puzzle. Knowing what she needs to do will bring more problems and not knowing what will be there for her on the other side makes it all harder.
With her man by her side she starts fighting, will she survive and who will survive with her?
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Power & Choice

Power & Choice (Iris Boys Book 2) by [Smoke, Lucy]Power & Choice book 2 in the Iris Boys by Lucy Smoke.  The Iris Boys black team has moved into Knix’s house and Harlow has her own special made room complete with an ensuite bathroom, saving her from having to share with Bell, Marv, and Texas. Marv takes Harlow to meet his mother where they learn that girls from the upper echelon of society after having attended an etiquette school run in upstate New York. Marv starts to take what happens to the girls personal after talking to some of the parents.  He wants to take on the case, but Alex, their team go between, doesn’t think that their is even a case there.

Harlow spends an evening out with Erika where she starts drinking even being underage.  At the club she runs into Grayson who tries to get involved in her life again. But also saves a girl that she learns attended the etiquette school and finds out what was actually happening to the young girls. Harlow knows that the guys won’t be happy knowing that Grayson keeps seeking her out, especially Marv, but they all refuse to even tell her that

Alex agrees to the mission finally and Harlow requests to go undercover at the etiquette school in order to find out what is actually going on and who is to blame.

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Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Code Book 2) by [Jadin, Bethany]Hidden Agenda, Book 2 in the Code Series by Bethany Jadin finds Emma with even more troubles. She still hasn’t finished her code yet but companies are still trying to convince her to sale.  More things begin to happen to not just Emma, but her bestie Zoey and her parents. She keeps feeling at odds with what is happening with her relationship between all five of the guys and her want to conduct business with her.  Emma starts to get closer with each of the guys to the point of intimacy, and then worries when she decides that she wants to be with all of the members of Pentabyte. Even after learning about of their pasts that she hadn’t expected.

Emma is being pursued by more than just Pentabytes. Now BHC wants her to sell their code to her but unlike Pentabytes who wants to include her and is happy to answer any question that she might have, BHC wants to disclude her and essentially take her name off of her own program.  While Emma hasn’t decided who to sale too, she is faced with the issues of her code interfering with her personal and professional life Can she figure out who is behind the break ins and who stole from her bank account originally?

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Twisted Prophecies: The Gifted

Book 4 in the Alternative Futures, Twisted Prophecies: The Gifted by Averi Hope and Lacy Carter Andersen. While like the one before this does not occur in the same future, but a different one that still involves earth and humans as its focal point. Twenty years ago an alien space ship crash landed on earth sending out a virus that infected certain people driving many of them to death. Kaci has no choice but to drive everyone away in order to keep order in her home to allow the virus in her head to have some control. The government has issued a draft for women around the world that will be required to fight the incoming alien invasion.  Women are selected if they can pass a test.  When the military comes for Kaci’s sister, she tells them to take her instead as her sister already had served the government and lost her leg in that war. Kaci passes the test and gets to go into training to be come pilot in the upcoming conflict.

Seer is on a ship in space heading towards the a planet where he is tasked with finding brides for the other men of his race.  Years before a virus killed off most of the women and now the species requires women from similar species in order to procreate. Seer is unable to shift so that makes him a Tier Two and uneligible for a mate of his own.  But Seer has the ability to see the future and in that future he sees a beautiful woman with bright blue eyes that he knows is meant to be his mate.

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Vested Interest: The Code

Vested Interest: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Code Book 1) by [Jadin, Bethany]Vested Interest: The Code Book 1 by Bethany Jadin makes being geeky sexy.  Emma is a programmer developing a special code, but she is very protective of it.  She experienced the theft of her design by her ex-boyfriend and is worried that something similar could happen.  Emma is invited to the Selsford Institute Technology of Tomorrow Gala. This is the biggest thing that could happen for Emma as it can further her career.  Getting to meet all different companies that would be interested in her program.

Five guys from one of the largest tech companies also plan to be at the Gala and have their sights set on Emma. The group,  are popular in the tech field with all five of them working close together.  They decided to actively pursue Emma and her code.  They convince her to sit with them and learn about her and her code. Each of the five guys is handsome with unique backgrounds. While the five are looking to recruit her, BHC, the company that her ex-boyfriend now works for with her code is also interested. Though her ex is pretty slimy.

The guys want Emma to finish her code and if she wants to sale to them then even better.  They give her an apartment and funds to finish her code and start to develop feelings for her among the 5 guys.  Will Emma solve the issue that has been plaguing her or will it continue to hold her up.

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