Their Phoenix

Their Phoenix (Daughters of Olympus Book 3) by [Hart, Charlie, James, Anastasia]The third book in the Daughters of Olympus: Their Phoenix by Charlie Hart and Anastasia James brings the next sister into play. Lark is an acrobat in Vegas with the skills to get her own show at one of the fanciest hotels on the strip. She lives with her controlling mother that is also a witch that has set rules for her life. For her new show on the strip, her casting director Mark has hired the other people that will be her crew and performing with her. But they aren’t your average men.  The five guys, North, Vaughn, Sawyer, Arrow, and Brecken are the most attractive that she has ever seen and their skills in the air are beyond what she could imagine. The guys have a small secret though. They were sent by Gaia to protect and look out for Lark.  But on top of that they are hawk shifters that only want to keep her safe in whatever form that must. Lark begins to break her mother’s rules and learns about a past she never knew.  Her whole life starts to change while she begins her training for the new show.  She and the guys begin to develop feelings for each other that could change everything.  Gaia told the guys to protect her, but never said anything about not falling in love with Lark. Can Lark overcome her past to make way for her future? Can she handle when she learns about her past and who her father is?

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Forest of Lost Souls

Shifters University 2: Forest of Lost Souls by K.R. Thompson finds Logan lost in the Forest of Lost Souls and Claire is looking for a way to get him out. She knows that he was wrongly accused of the crime of the crystals and wants to come up with a way to be with him again. Logan while in the forest has been forced into his dragon form and is slowing losing his humanity. While in the forest, Victor comes to him saying that if he joins the human resistance he can leave the forest. Logan agrees just to get out.  Claire starts researching and meets the other librarian that lives under the library to get extra help. Claire’s brother is still at the university, but he starts to have issues of his own.  Can Claire and Logan reunite and help save Shifters University from the resistance.

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Queen Mecca

Queen Mecca (NYC Mecca Series Book 4) by [Stone, Leia, Eve, Jaymin]Contains spoilers if you haven’t read the first three books

The fourth and final book of the Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone NYC Mecca Series, Queen Mecca has been released. Book four comes together as the wolf shifters and the bear shifters come together under the united rule of Arianna and Kade.  After having survived so much and learning about her half fae heritage on her father’s side, Ari prepares the shifters of New York for war.  Knowing that the Winter Queen is coming for her and hers, Ari knows that she has to fight. She learns though that not only is the WInter Queen coming for her, but also another much more ominous fae as well. The Dark Lord, a former Autumn Fae wants to take New York and have Ari stand at his side. He attempts to steal her away to his frozen wasteland while she sleeps, but Ari is stronger than he realizes and starts to learn to control the Mecca on both sides of the veil.

With war on the horizon, the bears and wolves send their weaker pack members and their children to California to protect them.  This includes Winnie Ari’s little sister.

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The newest series from Leia Stone, Skyborn in the Dragons and Druids Series. Sloane Murphy is running for her life. She went hiking in the Grand Canyon and slipped to sprout wings and turn into a dragon saving her from a horrible death. She has been running from hunters that have tried to capture her, but she doesn’t know why.  She only knows that they want to kill her.  While on the run, Sloane is cornered and without being able to keep her emotions in check shifts into an eight foot red dragon, matching her hair. While thinking she is living in a delusion, circus animals (as she puts it) come to her rescue, along with a tall sexy man wielding shotgun. When one of the circus animals transforms from a large black wolf into a sexy tattooed lady, Sloane passes out. When she wakes again, she learns that her dragon magic is broken, but also that she is one of two remaining dragon’s left in the world.  Tall sexy stranger, Logan Sharp was the last remaining dragon before her random transformation.  Sloane doesn’t know why, but she is completely drawn to Logan. She is brought into the world of shifters and sorcerers, druids, and dragons. The Dragon’s or the Skyborn are the protectors of humans and Druids or the Earthbound are the force trying to end the dragon’s and take the earth for themselves. Each day is a test as Sloane doesn’t know what she is or how to control her dragon magic.

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The Tiger’s Ambush

the tiger ambushBook Three, The Tiger’s Ambush by Tate James is so intense that you can’t help but read it in one go. Kit and her guys, River, Cole, Caleb, Austin, Wesley and Vali are trying to learn about her past from Victor in the remote supernatural town in Alaska. Kit learns more than she expects about who her mother is and who she is becoming. After having released both of Cole and Vali’s supernatural potential in The Dragon’s Wing, Kit is learning about her ability to heal others.  Her knowledge grows about the kind of person her mother was and the reason why she was left on a street as a child.  Kit also learns that she is in fact two years older than she thought making her 21. She starts to grow her relationship more thoroughly with Wes and begins to see that she is having feelings for Austin, though she gets mad at herself every time that happens.

Victor tells everyone that her healing can be linked to sex and this ups the chemistry between the characters in the book. Except it seems that for every sexy time Kit and Wes have, someone breaks it up before it can go to far.

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Shifter’s University

Shifter's University by [Thompson, K.R.]Shifter’s University the first in the series by the same name by K.R. Thompson is a good read, though rather short for my taste. The book follows Claire and Logan two shifters that are brought together by happenstance.  Logan is a dragon shifter that is almost forced to work for the school he attends as he has issues with authority.  Claire is a fox shifter that comes from an abusive foster home. Logan is shown to Claire by her best friend and witch Hadley.  Claire is invited to join the local private school nicknamed Shifter University by the residents. During the summer months only shifters are allowed to attend. This helps those students practice their shifting, but also prepare them to live in the outside world. Claire has a foster brother that she is close to and a foster father she wants to escape from.  Once Claire finally gets out, she joins others like her at school. But school has more than she bargains for.  Not only in her love interest Logan, but in learning that she isn’t just the average fox. She creates friends and enemies and learns about her real past.

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The Vixen’s Lead

vixen leadsFrom the mind of Tate James comes notorious thief Kit Davenport.  The Vixen’s Lead is the first in the Kit Davenport Series. Kit is a thief, but not because she needs the money, no she is a thief to test her skills and abilities. She would only steal from those that were hurting others and stealing themselves. Kit along with her best friend Lucy attend a private school after having being adopted years prior by businessman Jonathan. Neither girls had been to school for a long time, so where older finishing high school. Both were abused and hurt in their foster home, though Kit was abused more severely.  Kit steals and leaves behind a small fox statue and has earned a spot of numerous wanted lists. Kit and Lucy hide what they do and go about their days as normal 18 year olds. Kit has a secret that her adoptive father and Lucy know about.  She can heal extremely fast, no matter the injury. But it has a catch, she can only do it when she has a rush of emotions like fear and excitement. Though that in its own has its drawbacks, since if she gets the rush and no injuries to heal, she gets an adrenaline overload that needs to be burned off.

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