Air and Ash

air and ash

Air and Ash, Tides book one.
Written by Alex Lidell.

Princess Nile Greysik is a lieutenant on a prestigious Ashing navy flagship which is on a vital mission and fails. Now she faces a political marriage and a life away from the sea.
Not wanting to do this she decides to leave and find a ship she can hide on.
And that ship she finds, it has a captain who loves to hide in his cabin. A crew that doesn’t really know what they are doing and a first officer who likes to make her life a living hell. And he isn’t the only one. The whole crew is against her and she needs to learn her place.
She needs to learn what is to start at the bottom and protect her identity at the same time. And this all the while she tries to make the frigate into a battleworthy ship.
If there aren’t enough problems already she finds out to have a gift, magic coursing through her body. Something that can destroy everything she works for.

Now she needs to keep even more a secret and make sure they all survive the journey. When a disaster hit she needs to unleash her power to save them all. Only will it help them or will it bring her even more problems.

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Love the Sea

Love the Sea (Saved by Pirates Book 2) by [Bailey, G.]Love the Sea book 2 in the Pirates series by G. Bailey is a wonderful addition to Cassandra’s story. Cass has been taken by the king’s soldiers.  She and Livvy along with her dragon egg are on their way to court where she doesn’t know if she will live or die. While on the ship her dragon begins to hatch and Cass fears for the dragons life. Cass has Livvy throw her white dragon into the sea to keep her away from the evil king. Livvy is taken away and Cass is taken to the dungeon.  There she finds her best friend, father, and best friends mom from her home island.  She learns that she is to be entered into a game of a sort that the king watches for entertainment, where Cass has to survive and hope the rest of her family can too.  She learns the secret that the twins held to closely and why they were on their ship and the history of the chosen ones. Her pirates have come for Cass, but they have a secret that they never told and Ryland has Cass’ mark on his head. Each of the guys has come to help rescue Cass and bring her back with them away from the king. But can Cass survive the trials that the king puts her through and can her pirates save her?

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Escape the Sea

escape the seaEscape the Sea the newest series by G. Bailey is a fun read.  I love pirates (wrote my thesis on the Barbary Pirates so I have gotten to study a type of pirate, just not the typical one that everyone thinks about, no Johnny Depps here) and loved the spin that Gemma gave them.  This doesn’t take place in the modern earth world, but on its own world. The story revolves around the Seven Seas and the Seven Islands.  The world use to be two continents but was split when a king began to kill the chosen ones.  Chosen Ones are said to be marked by the Sea God on their foreheads and with this mark they are granted powers.  But over 30 years has passed and the world has broken into seven different islands separating them by seven deadly seas.  Cassandra is a chosen one marked with the symbol of an upside down triangle on her forehead.  She has been in hiding her whole life as the king expects all chosen ones to die in infancy.  Cassandra’s father has kept her alive and hidden since her mother died in childbirth.  She has only know three people her entire life, her father, her best friend Everly and her teacher Miss Drone, Everly’s mother.  

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