Breakaways: Reverse Harem Romance (The Challenge Book 5) by [Harlem, Lily]The final book in the Challenge series by Lily Harlem.  Breakaways follows Olivia and her husbands from the coast of Spain to the Outback of Australia. Olivia has found out news that is shocking to her and the guys.  She is pregnant from one of her husbands and all five of them are excited to become fathers. Evan learns that his father has died and that in order to keep the family sheep ranch he will have to return to care for it.  On top of that, the group finds out that the three kids that were stowaways with them on their way to Raul’s home. The group decides to take the children with them so that they get the chance to have a family and everyone loved them so much. The group take the chance to use Harry’s money for something good to grow their family. The group really learns how far the Vidal name and money can get them.

Riley learns about their “marriage” but doesn’t understand how they can all be married to Olivia and be expecting an unknown fathered baby.

The children and even the adults are excited to try out a new life in the outback for all of them.

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Dragon Slayers

Dragon Slayers (Slayers & Protectors Book 1) by [Van Risseghem, Kristin D.]Dragon Slayers the first in the Slayers and Protectors series by Kristin D. Van Risseghem. Brooklyn has been at Slayer school for 11 months and today is the graduation hunt.  She hasn’t gone out of her way to make friends and figures it’s because of the amount of money her parents have and that they are high ranking members on the council. Brooklyn accidentally wanders off on the hunt and comes face to face with a large black dragon where year three student Manny comes to her aid. After fleeing and regrouping with the other year ones, Brooklyn is the last one with a weapon.  Though hesitating to kill the dragon, she finally takes the kill shot earning her a reputation among the first years and the other students. This causes her to become more popular and gets her a best friend in Noelle. At the same time Manny tells Brooklyn of his interest in her and that he can now pursue her as she is no longer a year one. In starting year two with such a large staff the new year twos are broken into three groups each supervised by the top third year students. Manny, Bronx and Staten take the different students and Brooklyn ends up with Bronx who is an uncontrollable flirt and makes the moves on Brooklyn even knowing that she is dating Manny.

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Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Code Book 2) by [Jadin, Bethany]Hidden Agenda, Book 2 in the Code Series by Bethany Jadin finds Emma with even more troubles. She still hasn’t finished her code yet but companies are still trying to convince her to sale.  More things begin to happen to not just Emma, but her bestie Zoey and her parents. She keeps feeling at odds with what is happening with her relationship between all five of the guys and her want to conduct business with her.  Emma starts to get closer with each of the guys to the point of intimacy, and then worries when she decides that she wants to be with all of the members of Pentabyte. Even after learning about of their pasts that she hadn’t expected.

Emma is being pursued by more than just Pentabytes. Now BHC wants her to sell their code to her but unlike Pentabytes who wants to include her and is happy to answer any question that she might have, BHC wants to disclude her and essentially take her name off of her own program.  While Emma hasn’t decided who to sale too, she is faced with the issues of her code interfering with her personal and professional life Can she figure out who is behind the break ins and who stole from her bank account originally?

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Mia’s Men

Mia's Men: A Reverse Harem Romance Novel (The Heiress's Harem Book 1) by [Felthouse, Lucy]Mia’s Men the first in the Heiress’s Harem by Lucy Felthouse is a modern spin on the reverse harem style. Mia’s father has just passed and she is having a difficult time dealing with not only his passing but the stipulations that six months previous he had put into his will. Her father decided that she needed to marry someone of her social standing within 12 months to inherit her father’s fortune and his estate. Mia isn’t happy about the new will but doesn’t want it to go to her cousin that would squander everything.  So Mia sets out to find the right kind of husband, though is slightly side tracked by the gardener at her family estate. Tom is attractive and sweet and a shoulder for Mia to cry on, but he doesn’t meet her father’s requirements.

In honor of her father, Mia attends a charity auction to raise money to help those with cancer.  At the gala she meets best friends, Elias and Alex, that both show an interest in her. The two aren’t opposed to sharing her.  While at the auction, Mia finds out that an item on her bucket list is available and Elias decided that he should win it for her.  Though Mia feels unsure about taking it, she relents to Elias and agrees to go on a trip of her dreams.

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