Their Sacrifice

Their Sacrifice: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 2) by [Michaels, Jazz]Their Sacrifice, Utopia Inc Book Two by by Jazz Michaels.

Valda remembers and with that come new struggles. She needs to find out how to get back.
Luckily she has her men around. Andreas, Hatch, Oz and Dirk all fight for her, stand by her and help her to solve this puzzle they are in, over and over they will help. Only time is running out, she needs to escape, she needs to find her way home.

When things get harder and problems get bigger she finds a solution, only not everyone is happy with the answer she has to the puzzle. Knowing what she needs to do will bring more problems and not knowing what will be there for her on the other side makes it all harder.
With her man by her side she starts fighting, will she survive and who will survive with her?
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Their Memoriam

Their Memoriam: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 1) by [Michaels, Jazz]Their Memoriam a Utopia Inc book by Jazz Michaels is meant to mess with your head. Science has destroyed the world, well according to those who use religion as their pulpit. A plague descended on the earth about 35/40 years ago.  More than half the world died and the results left the world in a dangerous state. Science isn’t trusted anymore and blamed for everything. But that doesn’t stop people from searching for a cure and a way to fix the world.  Dr. Valda Bashan has know strife her whole life.  Her mother is accused of creating the plague and ending the world as we know it even though she still went to study science with her mother and father. On September 13, 2065, Valda awoke in a lifepod meant to protect her from aging and other complications. When she finally becomes cognitive enough she learns that she is the Lead Researcher in Biosphere One, but has no idea how she got here. She realizes that 5 years of her life are missing.  After her first twenty four hours she then has to help the others on her team to wake up. Four others are asleep in lifepods similar to hers and she has to help them wake up.  First is Andreas, a shrink for the team. Next is Hatch, a pilot, reasons unknown why he is there.  Then a medical doctor Oz.  And lastly a security captain Dirk. Valda questions the team but doesn’t even know why she is there.  After helping each of the men to wake and start living, Valda retreats to her lab to start studying why she might be there.

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Coven of Magic

Coven of Magic: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (The Demon Hunter Trilogy Book 1) by [Silver, Leah]Coven of Magic author Leah Silver’s first foray into Reverse Harem is the story of Merry a human woman turned vampire along with her 15 year old daughter, Sara, centuries prior by a young man, Dean, courting Sara at the beginning of the book.  Merry becomes one of the worlds best demon hunters working for a council of gathered supernatural races.  Merry is called upon by the council to find out why and how a new plague is affecting the vampire race.  Only three people worldwide had so far been affected and Merry did not see it as a real threat.  While in her council meeting she makes an enemy of Devlin, another vampire.  To work with her to figure out what the plague is and where it comes from Merry is assigned four associates, other supernaturals that are suppose to be hunky.  Levi, the vampire pathologist, Ed, the wizard, Ike, the werewolf, and Oscar, a gargoyle.  Each of these men bring a certain skill from magic to hunting to the group though Merry isn’t interested in joining them.

After Sara is infected by the plague, Merry takes up with the four men in a way to cure Sara.  She suspects Devlin of some involvement but is unsure how to best him as he has seer abilities.  Merry and her group go on hunts in order to undercover a way to save her daughter.

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