Power & Choice

Power & Choice (Iris Boys Book 2) by [Smoke, Lucy]Power & Choice book 2 in the Iris Boys by Lucy Smoke.  The Iris Boys black team has moved into Knix’s house and Harlow has her own special made room complete with an ensuite bathroom, saving her from having to share with Bell, Marv, and Texas. Marv takes Harlow to meet his mother where they learn that girls from the upper echelon of society after having attended an etiquette school run in upstate New York. Marv starts to take what happens to the girls personal after talking to some of the parents.  He wants to take on the case, but Alex, their team go between, doesn’t think that their is even a case there.

Harlow spends an evening out with Erika where she starts drinking even being underage.  At the club she runs into Grayson who tries to get involved in her life again. But also saves a girl that she learns attended the etiquette school and finds out what was actually happening to the young girls. Harlow knows that the guys won’t be happy knowing that Grayson keeps seeking her out, especially Marv, but they all refuse to even tell her that

Alex agrees to the mission finally and Harlow requests to go undercover at the etiquette school in order to find out what is actually going on and who is to blame.

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Now or Never

Now or Never (Iris Boys  Book 1) by [Smoke, Lucy]So I thought that I had already shared this book with you, and then come to find out I hadn’t and I am so kicking myself in the butt.  Now or Never the first in the Iris Boys by Lucy Smoke was a great read. Harlow is almost done with high school, only a few more weeks left and she will be done.  She lives with her mom, who is very ill and forgetful and has to take care of her.  In order for them to survive, Harlow works at a local diner earning enough money to pay for even the most basic of things.  While on shift one night two rather good looking guys come in while she is on shift and start to flirt and try to hit it off with Harlow.  But at the same time guys from her high school also show up creating a bit of a disturbance. Harlow doesn’t give them much notice, but she starts to realize that more than one guy starts to take a passing notice in her. When at school she is called into the principal’s office to have a meeting about her future and to introduce her to Bellamy. Bell and the group that he works for are looking to recruit Harlow onto their team.  But he can’t and won’t explain what their group does.  Other than that they want to hire Harlow to join them.  Harlow begins to hang out with the team consisting of Bell, Marv, Knix, and Texas.  But while she is spending time with them, a guy from her high school, Grayson, is actively pursuing her.

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