Bloodlust – Rise of the Iliri

BloodlustRise of the Iliri series by Auryn Hadley.
The series will exist out of ten books. Seven are already published.
And I will tell you about the first book.

Bloodlust book number one.

In the first installment you meet Private Salryc Luxx, she’s an Iliri. She lives on the world called Ogun. The place is overrun by humans who feel superior towards “her kind”.
Her kind was bred by humans thousands of years ago for the sole purpose of protection. There was only one thing the humans didn’t want to acknowledge; that the Iliri were dangerous predators, bred to kill.

Salryc Luxx is a predator, but not only this faceless predator.  She is the only pure illri female still alive.  Her Illri heritage is marked by the ears on top of her head and by powers nobody can resist.  Not even the humans. She was “raised” by humans, not knowing what she is, she tries to be human. Nothing more than that. Only she never will be, the milky white skin, long white hair, pale inhuman eyes, they will always scream Iliri.
She was a slave until she decided to do something about it.  She bit a military officer on the shoulder and is sent to the army. At only eighteen she starts working her way up, to reach the Black Blades, the best elite force of the army of the Conglomerate of Free Citizens. Being a Black Blade will get her as close to freedom as an Iliran can. And she wants to be a part of it. Read More »