Ancient Souls

Ancient Souls: (Historical Fantasy Romance Series-Book 1) by [Bissett, Marianne]

Ancient Souls by Marianne Bissett is a walk through history without changing or altering events that have happened.  Cora Tate is a nurse from the United States that has found herself on the shores of Normandy days after the invasion during World War II. She is one of the few that can handle the death around her. But at the worst times she is starting to see things that look like a distant memory, but one she doesn’t have any idea about. When attempting to find more medication, Cora sees an officer from afar that makes her heart beat faster and she has a hard time taking her eyes off of him. When she returns to her unit she prepares for more surgeries, her next a brutal head wound of a German soldier.  When that soldier grabs her an attempts to kill her, Cora’s instincts take over and she kills a man that her superiors wants to question. She is held until she is taken to a remote camp ran by the man she had seen.

Captain Alastair Scott knows Cora, along with every man and woman in his group. They are all guises, having lived multiple lives as friends and colleagues.  They had been waiting on Cora, though she was only slowly getting images, images that she learned were her past lives. As she slowly starts to remember she starts to realize things about herself she doesn’t want to know.

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The Legend of the Betrayed Duchess

The Legend of the Betrayed Duchess: A Historical Regency Romance Novel by [Hamilton, Hanna]The Legend of the Betrayed Duchess by Hanna Hamilton is a Historical Romance Novel. Lucy Brighton is the only survivor of a terrible house fire that has killed her whole family.  At the age of six she has nowhere to go but is lucky enough that the Duke her parents were tenants of takes her in, even with the duchess. The Grayson estate ruled by the Duke, Matthew, his wife the Duchess, Judith and their three daughters and one son. The duchess is not happy of the child remaining with them and treats her more like a servant. Betsy the youngest girl and George the heir both take to Lucy and think of her as a member of the family while the others don’t like her.  Lucy starts to learn with George and he realizes that she is extremely smart especially for a six year old.

Ten years later as George is now twenty he begins to pursue an art career much to the unhappiness of his mother and father. At the same time, Lucy begins to start writing children’s stories. The two have become closer and each see the other as more than just friends though neither tell each other. George knows that he shouldn’t be interested in Lucy since she is a commoner, but anytime he is introduced to another woman, he can only compare them to her.  At the same time the Duchess is trying to marry off her daughters to eligible men. Though it doesn’t seem to be going well.

Can the three sisters find true love and will George decide who he can be with?

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Eternal Desire

Eternal Desire: The Siren Coven by [Loraine, Kim]

Eternal Desire by Kim Loraine is a great combination of history and magic.  Izzy is a witch that has been reborn over and over. Thousands of years ago she and her sister witches, Helena and Gwen were cursed to never make it past their 27 year.  Always dying in some way no matter what by the time they hit 27. After having been separate for the last numerous life times, angels have brought them together again, initially to help an angel be with his soulmate, but also to stop the rise of the witch that cursed them. Isoldt works in a local pub in London called the Witches Brew. On her night off she decided to go drinking with her sisters and runs into a devastatingly handsome man that is a shifter.  Between the two of them, they can’t take their eyes off of each other. Not that he knows her name, as names have power. The two find themselves in the alley behind the bar close to action when Grant learns that Izzy is a witch and ruins any chance he has of hooking up. Though he can’t stop his attraction to her.

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