Marked (Last Princess Book 1) by [Hardin, A.M.]Marked the first in the Last Princess by A.M. Hardin. Cherish is almost 18 and in that whole time has considered herself pretty normal. But as her birthday has drawn closer she has started to seeing glimmers around people. But with three months left in school, three new students enroll. Cherish is having issues with her boyfriend.  He has decided that he doesn’t want to be with Cherish anymore, but seems to have forgotten to tell her. The three guys are some of the most handsome that anyone at school has seen.

Those three guys have a secret of their own. The guys are meant to protect Cherish.  They have been looking for her knowing that her 18th birthday was coming up. They are there to stop anyone from hurting her. The guys start focusing on Cherish, much to the disappointment of the other girls at school.  But after being attacked at prom, Cherish learns the secret that the guys have been holding on to.

Cherish is the last Elvin princess and her father is looking for her. But Cherish doesn’t really believe them.  Can she come to terms with all that she is learning about her new life and what is going on with her?

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The Lost Savior

The Lost Savior: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Alinthia Book 1) by [Davis, Siobhan]The Lost Savior by Siobhan Davis is in a way out of this world (sorry bad pun).  Tori is in her senior year and goes out with her three closest friends to get a dress for Winter Formal.  While at the mall, the group runs into a creepy guy that freaks Tori and her friends out.  After the run in the girls leave to eat where Tori becomes violent ill randomly and decides that going home is the most important thing she can do.  But on her way home the creepy guy drops out of the sky in front of the car and uses telekinesis to lift the car.  He attempts to steal Tori away but she fights him to receive a drastic injury. While asleep, 4 guys come into her room in order to cure the poison that the creep used on her.  The guys appear in her room while she doesn’t realize that they are there for her.  Tori comes to realizing she is better though thinking her mom is the reason for it. Tori’s friend Kylie remembers everything but the other two don’t know what happened aside from a lie that Tori and Kylie tell to them and to Jensen, Tori’s long time boyfriend. The four guys come into her life and Tori is immediately drawn to them much to the discomfort of her boyfriend. Tori starts to learn that she has new skills and she can’t help but want to be near the guys and starts to have feelings for them even though she loves her boyfriend. She doesn’t want to ruin her life, but once she learns that she isn’t exactly from this planet her outlook changes.

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