Their Shade

Their Shade: Daughters of Olympus by [Hart, Charlie, James, Anastasia] Book four in the Daughters of Olympus, Their Shade by Charlie Hart and Anastasia James. Tennyson has been living in Styx since she was four years old. Styx is another name for Purgatory before the dead move on to another plane. When she first appeared she was rescued and taught how to live and survive in Styx with Hawthorne. Over years only Tenny and Hawthorne were the ones that aged while others when it was their time would fade after days, weeks, and rarely months. Eventually the two were joined by South and Lennox.

At the beginning of this story the three men in Tenny’s life have admitted to being in love with her.  The three guys have no issues with each other loving Tenny but Tenny is unwilling to share her feelings with them. Tenny has noticed that the guys have begun to fade and she is afraid to be without them and to admit that she in return loves them too.  At a party in a random house in Styx, Tenny fights with the guys and wanders outside where she sees a guy walking towards the shore. Tenny feels drawn to the stranger but not in a romantic way, though her guys don’t see it that way.

When the stranger arrives he introduces himself as Eric and that he was sent by Gaia and is looking for Harlow’s sister and he had a way to leave Styx back to the world. Can Tenny escape into the world and return Eric back to Harlow?

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The Kiss of Death, Demons Muse

The kiss of deathThe kiss of Death, Demons Muse Book One by Auryn Hadley.

First of all, I really love Auryn and her worlds she creates. I’m a big fan of hers.

I can’t write the story in short here. I tried believe me, my backspace button is fading right now. And it is not because I don’t know what to say. I want to say too much and tell you the whole book. So no, no synopsis from me this time.
You can read the synopsis on her site or Amazon. It tells you enough about the book to start reading and not so much that you know the whole story.

I can only tell you how good the book was, that it is something you need to read. Like the other books of Auryn. I really like the way how she explains the religions and Death, demons, angels and other creatures in the world. I really want to believe that is how it is. Sorry I really like the demons in this book and I have always been a demon person.

Auryn creates the characters so good. Love the guys in the book, the mc Sienna is awesome, fun and doesn’t back down from a fight. Nick is somebody I love to meet and Luke, Sam and Beelzebub (Bel) are great, they add so much to the story and give so much back to Sia. I can’t wait for the next book really excited about how Sia and the guys will grow, how their relationship grows and what will happen next.

Thank you Auryn.

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Have a really nice read.


Hell’s Revenge, Princess of Hell

Hell's revengeHell’s Revenge, Princess of Hell book three by Eve Langlais.

My mom showed up, while we were having a nice family dinner, my dad, my two lovers and me. You would think that i would be happy to find out who she is. Any normal person would be, only my mom has some big news, something that will change my life forever and something i’m not happy with.
So you could guess my reaction towards her, no not all happy and friendly. I tried to kill her, didn’t work, my two lovers got in the way. I’m the one here with mommy issues so back off.

After killing the cowled one, I hoped that everything would be go back to normal. As far as having two man in my bed is called normal. I love them both and they are all mine.
So when I find myself in a messy situation and find out that there is another man planning to take over my life and who saves me, I can’t really handle it. The only good thing is, he is tall, gorgeous and fanged and my nympho magic is more than happy with him in the picture. Not wanting to let my boyfriend’s know I keep it a secret, only to have it bite me in the ass later.

The darkness that roams through hell is looking for me, and when they find me they take something from me. And now I want it back, I’m the princes of Hell and I’m pissed. So I’m going after them for the last showdown and take back what is mine.
With my family and lovers at my side I make a plan, to revenge hell.
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Heart on Fire

heart on fireRead the first book and the second book before reading this review if you don’t want to have spoilers.

Heart on Fire, The kingmaker trilogy book three. Amanda Bouchet.

There happened so much in the second book, they got into the Agon Games, won the Agon Games, Bellanca kills Alpha Tarva, she finds her sister Ianthe and they take over Tarva. Without an army and without killing a lot of people.

So she finds her sister Ianthe, who doesn’t want to kill her, like all her other siblings would.
She finds out that she is pregnant and is happy about it and she and Griffin are so much in love.

Now there is still one problem, Alpha Fisa, her mother needs to get killed to make sure that Thalyria will exist again. All three kingdoms in one, one happy country.
How are you going to kill your own mother, when you magic keeps failing you.
When everybody keeps saying that you are the Origin, something special, something from the gods.
And most important, how are you going to kill you biggest nightmare.

Griffin and Cat needs to keep the border between Fisa and Thalyria safe, so they are asking the Alpha Ipotane if is willing to move the bargain they struck, and protect that border. Only the arrogant male doesn’t want to, until he notice Ianthe, there is a new bargain.
When that is settled they start planning on making the army bigger, with Sintans, Tarva’s and even some Fisans who came across the border in hope to make an end to Alpha Fisa’s reign.
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Breath of Fire

breaht of firePlease read the first book, because this review contains spoilers.

Breath of Fire, the kingmaker trilogy book two. Written by Amanda Bouchet.

Cat finally opens up her heart to Griffin and she starts loving him and trusting him.
She almost died in the first book, got saved and now she has to tell Griffin who she really is.
Something she doesn’t want to, knows that it needs to be done and she collect her balls together and plans on telling him. Except he figures it out. And it isn’t good.

She learned to love a man, learned what it meant to have a real family and started to love them back.
The family from Griffin, his parents Anatole and Nerissa, his brothers Piers and Carver and then we have his sisters, Egeria, Kaia and Jocasta welcome her with open arms.
And she doesn’t really know what to do with that. Her sarcastic ways keep surprising them, in a good way.

Cat decided that she needs to help Griffin in healing the world, by taking over the other country’s. So Tarva is first, only one problem, their army isn’t big enough. So they have to find another way to protect their border, for when they are on a mission. And that is when they plan to visit the ice plains, go to the Chaos wizard to find out how to get the Ipotane at their side.
And what a journey is that, getting closer to her mother in Fisa and getting in to a lot of more trouble.
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