Curse of Iron

Curse of Iron (Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles Book 1) by [Miers, D.D., Knox, Graceley]Curse of Iron, the first in the Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles by author team D.D. Miers and Graceley Knox.

Morgan Silk is a hybrid, the daughter of the Fae Storm King and a witch.  Her mothers family wants her dead. Morgan wakes up with a dead body in her bed, realizing that it is the Alpha of the local shifter pack.
While trying to figure out who framed her she learns that the Alphas best friend and right hand, Grayson Xenos is tailing her. He is a jaguar shifter and proved so different then she thought. The enemy that is after Morgan has a nasty streak for her and is out to take all that she has, but mainly her life.  Can she and Grayson figure out who not only killed his Alpha, but also who is trying to kill Morgan.

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Turn: The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora by [Knox, Graceley, Miers, D.D.]Book three in the Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora, Turn by Graceley Knox and D.D. Miers. Carver has been taken and Aura is determined to find him. But at the same time Abe is calling her. So with Carver gone, Lucian and Aura set out to rescue Abe hoping he will be able to allow them to save Carver.

Lucian and Aura come up with a plan bringing Row and Reina along to Romania again to find Abe. After finding Abe and waking him, Aura is brought face to face with Marius, the man that bombed Morana’s partying stealing Carver away.

She is unhappy about having him along especially with the feelings that she begins to feel for him.  She had thought that when she saw him in the hall that it was nothing, but she starts to realize that their might be more to Marius than she thought.

Can she, along with Lucian and now Marius save Carver from Morana?  Or is it too late for him?

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Tempt (The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora Book 2) by [Knox, Graceley, Miers, D.D.]Book 2 Tempt in the Kresova Harem: Aurora by Graceley Know and D.D. Miers. Aurora is having nightmares of Abe and Abe is pushing for her to find him.  He is lost and has to be found in order to stop Morana. Morana requires that Carver visit her for a short stay that turns into a month apart. Aura hasn’t been with one of her men, since Lucian isn’t hers with his engagement to someone else. But once Carver finally makes it home, disaster strikes the girls house in New Orleans. A fire starts mysteriously burning the majority of the old house.  When the group retreats to one of Carvers safe houses, they learn that they weren’t as safe as they thought and that Morana knows exactly where they are.

Morana requires the presence of not just Carver but also Aura for the centennial event happening in Paris. Abe’s dreams are getting more intense, cause Aura the desire to not sleep, especially when Carver has to wake her from the nightmares. But with the help of Lucian, who seems to becoming more in tune with the future that has already been planned for him, the group heads towards Paris and the party that awaits them.

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Thirst (The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora Book 1) by [Knox, Graceley, Miers, D.D.]

Thirst: The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora is the meeting of minds between Graceley Knox and D.D. Miers. Aurora is a typical 20 something year old that lives in New Orleans. Out one night she was attacked by a vampire and has been fighting on changing completely into one. She, along with her best friend Reina, look to find a way to prevent the change in Aura. While searching for a ‘cure’ Aura meets Carver a vampire employed by the Vampire Queen Morana. Aura unlike every other vampire before her has had to drink within 24 hours from the Queen, while Aura has gone over a week on her own. Carver takes an interest in her and she in return takes an interest in him. Aura is forced to meet the queen and the meeting doesn’t go well and Aura knows of the cruelty and knows that she hates her. But does Carver?  He seems to do anything she want and Aura is hurt by his actions.What does this mean for Aura? Can she do anything about the queen.

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Throne of Secrets

throne of secretsThe third book in the Wicked kingdoms, Throne of Secrets written by Graceley Knox.

There are more questions than answers and Ever tries to keep her crew safe, struggling with the possible consequences of her actions and working through a political minefield. It is all so much, maybe too much. Determined to keep her promises, to protect her family. Ever starts looking for ally’s. And she finds them. With the help of an unlikely ally, she starts exposing secrets and starts making them right.

Knowing that Dare is her soulmate, that they are meant to be together, keeps her going. Even when she knows that it could break her heart. There main goal is keeping everyone safe, keeping her growing family safe. And find the Oder and destroy them, before it is to late.
Ever is still living in the Goblin kingdom, her home for now.  And with each problem solved there are three more to take its place.
Her crew helps her no matter what. Even Dare is there for the moments she needs him most. And when her mother shows up, Ever hopes that she is looking for her, only to be disappointed, again.
Her mother wants sanctuary within the Goblin kingdom, only she is not telling why.

Finding answers, taking risks, only not knowing if it will be enough. Read More »

Crown of Betrayal

Crown of BetrayalCrown of Betrayal, the second book in the Wicked Kingdoms Series by Graceley Knox.
If you haven’t read the first book, read that review here and start this great adventure.

The story picks up where it left off in the first book, only there is a small introduction of a certain person in a prison.
Her greatest threat to Ever is imprisoned and gone for good. So now she can focus on what really matters, getting rid of the goblins in her life, who are there for her “protection” and getting back to work capturing rogue Fae. And most important to stop thinking about Dare, and his sexy body, strong muscle, perfect face and his autumn coloured eyes. *Drool*

Only there are other problems, like Ever’s mother who has gone missing. And then finding an ancient race long believed dead. More and more questions pile up and danger creeps closer.
Trying to keep Dare at a distant and trying to keep everyone safe, including her new family member Arela.
The troubles keep coming and keep stressing Ever out.
Ever can no longer deny the pull Dare has over her heart and her body. As they forge a new bond, betrayal strikes, and its closer to home than either of them could have imagined.

They have to work together, to make sure they can stay together. The only thing that binds them is the trust they’ve put in each other and the emotions Ever refuses to name.
When everything starts to crumble and Ever can’t protect the ones she loves, she has to make a decision. One she hoped to never make.
After that Ever needs to fix her life and the world. Will she succeed or will she be left to pick up the pieces?

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Mark of Truth

mark of truth graceleyMark of Truth, the first in The Wicked Kingdoms by Graceley Knox.
And I have one thing to say first, I loved this book so much. I kind of locked myself in the house and I forgot to do all those things I had planned. I was captivated by the book, the characters and how the story flowed.

The Wicked Kingdoms series tells the story of Ever Leath and her crew, who exist out of Eryn, Doyle, Kirin and Axel. They are the top crew of the Magical Enforcement and Containment Agency’s, or MECA as they call it. They hunt down the fairies who have gone rogue in the human realm and deliver them at the right door of the right fae realm. Did I tell you they are the best of the best, oh right I did.


Then you have the mother of Ever, who only is interested at her own well being. One day her estranged mother changes everything with one visit. Ever her whole life is turned upside down. Her mother wants her to marry, for political gain, no matter what Ever thinks, or how much it changes her life, what her mother says needs to be done. That is what Ever’s mother thinks, not what Ever thinks. Read More »