Sin & Chocolate

sin & Chocolate.jpgSin & Chocolate, Demigods of San Francisco.

Book one.

Written by K.F Breene.

I have few words for this book.

Great, Fun, Sexy and o so amazing!

I love K.F Breene, read other books of her. And she is rising in my top ten favourite authors.

Loving this book, this story about gods, demigods and people with powers. It was amazing! The chemistry between the characters jumps off you book (screen). The way she wrote it, the world building, the characters. I really loved it, liked it, fantastic, amazing and more.

I can keep going on and on about it and all, just read it. If you like strong powerful man, strong and stubborn women then this book is for you. I’m planning on a reread for it soon!

O and who doesn’t love the name of this book, Sin & Chocolate, Chocolate in the name of a book I’m sold! The sin does work too, still, me, woman, chocolate! Do I need to say more?

Get your copy of this fantastic book here.

Have a nice read.



Upheaval, Rise of The Iliri Book Eight

UpheavalUpheaval, Rise of the Iliri Book Eight.

Written by the amazing Auryn Hadley.

This book was amazing and it shows so much more of the characters. I love how she switch between almost all of them;how they all tell a part of the story, giving you a bigger view of the whole picture. This book is all about Merriton, her past and how she fights to overcome that past.

To be honest I expected a little more drama in it. A little more confrontation, still I don’t miss it. I liked that this book showed more of the rest, more of her pack. And that it still showed her that she is Iliri and not a god, like some bad guy thinks he is.

The world building is always amazing in Auryn books, and she didn’t disappoint. I missed a little more sexy times in this one, but that is fine also. I think it is an important book in the whole story of Sal, the book shows her that there is more to life then fighting and winning. It is an important part of her journey.Read More »


Strength (Curse of the Gods Book 4) by [Washington, Jane, Eve, Jaymin]Strength the fourth book in the Curse of the Gods series by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington. Willa is now as she puts it one of the undead, she isn’t really, but that’s how she explains how she could be stabbed, brought to Topia and still be alive. In order to become a god, the Sol would have to be blessed by Staviti and well Willa sure wasn’t. So along with her 5 Abcurse men, Willa is hiding out in one of Cyrus’ homes.  Through trusting him isn’t easy as he is the one that stabbed her in the first place.

While in hiding, Willa and the boys get to go see a special visitor.  The guys mother is home after having been away for a long time. Willa is excited and nervous to meet her as she is the goddess of Beauty and her mens mom.

But while there, the six learn that Staviti has decided on a meeting where all gods must attend.  At this meeting they learn that all Beta gods will be forced to teach Sol’s with similar abilities.  Staviti claimed that Topia could no longer hold any more gods, but wanted to see if they could create a third after the Beta.  

All of the guys are forced to go, and where the Abcurses go, Willa goes too.  No one knows that she died yet, so the guys hope to use it to their advantage.

But with Willa do things ever go as planned?

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Their Phoenix

Their Phoenix (Daughters of Olympus Book 3) by [Hart, Charlie, James, Anastasia]The third book in the Daughters of Olympus: Their Phoenix by Charlie Hart and Anastasia James brings the next sister into play. Lark is an acrobat in Vegas with the skills to get her own show at one of the fanciest hotels on the strip. She lives with her controlling mother that is also a witch that has set rules for her life. For her new show on the strip, her casting director Mark has hired the other people that will be her crew and performing with her. But they aren’t your average men.  The five guys, North, Vaughn, Sawyer, Arrow, and Brecken are the most attractive that she has ever seen and their skills in the air are beyond what she could imagine. The guys have a small secret though. They were sent by Gaia to protect and look out for Lark.  But on top of that they are hawk shifters that only want to keep her safe in whatever form that must. Lark begins to break her mother’s rules and learns about a past she never knew.  Her whole life starts to change while she begins her training for the new show.  She and the guys begin to develop feelings for each other that could change everything.  Gaia told the guys to protect her, but never said anything about not falling in love with Lark. Can Lark overcome her past to make way for her future? Can she handle when she learns about her past and who her father is?

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A Bond of Venom and Magic

a bond of venom and magicA Bond of Venom and Magic, the Goddess and the Guardians. Book one by Karen Tomlinson.

I found this book by accident. And first when I started to read it, I thought oke not my kind of book. It took me two chapters to find the rhythm and to start enjoying the book. And then I couldn’t put it away.

It tells the story of Diamond a half-blood fae and Hugo a fae. To be honest I don’t like the name Diamond, still after reading both book don’t like the name. Luckily for me, I can get over that fact.
Diamond lives with her father in a small town in the woods. One day her father finds out that they are under attack by the creatures of the Wraith Lord, an immortal who sucks souls to gain strength and to conquer the world. He races towards his house to find that his daughter Diamond isn’t there and goes looking for her. She gets surrounded by creatures and her father first saves her with a family friend of theirs. Then when everything seems lost a group of fae warriors rescue her.
To keep her safe, she and a friend are taken away. And then everything starts.
There are only a few problems. The commander who saved her, Hugo, is in service of the queen and that means that when he finds out that Diamond has magic, he needs to bring her to the Queen. And she is an evil bitch, she sucks all the magic out of fae or half-bloods with magic. Only the ones with gold wings can stay alive, they become her personal guard. The others with colours like green, red, white are all killed.
Hugo is sworn to the Queen to do everything she wants, and that is problem number one. Read More »

Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes (Chosen by Fate Series Book 1) by [Winters, Aspen]Open Your Eyes the first in Chosen by Fate Series by Aspen Winter is a fun take on mythology.  Clara Daniels has lived hard life. She was raised by a neglectful mother that now she is done with college and wants to Clara to get married and become a housewife. Clara rejects her mothers ideas and is working to find a job in the business world. But she has run into issues, women are not accept in the business world and has kept running into sexist and perverted men. After her most recent job interview where the employer implied that she would have to sleep with the men for her job. She refuses and goes for a walk in the park where she runs into an older woman who leaves her with a cryptic message. An hour later she runs in the Greek God Eros who informs Clara that she is his and four other Bonded. Fate has given Clara’s soul as part of a way to keep the gods from fading. In an unusual way, Fate has bonded Clara to four greek gods and one egyptian. But not everyone thinks that bonding is good and a group wants the gods to fade from existence. Each of the gods is overly pushy as none of them want to fade into nothingness.

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Heart on Fire

heart on fireRead the first book and the second book before reading this review if you don’t want to have spoilers.

Heart on Fire, The kingmaker trilogy book three. Amanda Bouchet.

There happened so much in the second book, they got into the Agon Games, won the Agon Games, Bellanca kills Alpha Tarva, she finds her sister Ianthe and they take over Tarva. Without an army and without killing a lot of people.

So she finds her sister Ianthe, who doesn’t want to kill her, like all her other siblings would.
She finds out that she is pregnant and is happy about it and she and Griffin are so much in love.

Now there is still one problem, Alpha Fisa, her mother needs to get killed to make sure that Thalyria will exist again. All three kingdoms in one, one happy country.
How are you going to kill your own mother, when you magic keeps failing you.
When everybody keeps saying that you are the Origin, something special, something from the gods.
And most important, how are you going to kill you biggest nightmare.

Griffin and Cat needs to keep the border between Fisa and Thalyria safe, so they are asking the Alpha Ipotane if is willing to move the bargain they struck, and protect that border. Only the arrogant male doesn’t want to, until he notice Ianthe, there is a new bargain.
When that is settled they start planning on making the army bigger, with Sintans, Tarva’s and even some Fisans who came across the border in hope to make an end to Alpha Fisa’s reign.
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