Signs of Cupidity

Signs of cupiditySigns of Cupidity. Heart Hassle book one.

Written by Raven Kennedy.

I found this book through Facebook, some of the groups I’m in told me about it. And I liked to read something fun, they told me it was fun.

And believe me, it was funny. The book has some nice twists, that add to the book, makes it excited to read. I liked the idea of a book about a cupid, they are the underdog of the world I think, they are underestimated.

I like how the author made the MC funny and how she doesn’t give a shit about almost anything. But you would be too when you have spent invisible for years upon years. And finding three hot guys when you are visible, and they kind of ignore you. I would be infuriated. It made it fun, to see how she reacted to them, her body and all those other things that would be a first for her.

The world building is fun and it adds a lot to the story, you get a feeling that there is more to the world she is in now. Which makes you keep reading, wanting to find out what those things are.

I liked the book and I’m definitely going to read the second one, wanting to know what happens to this cupid.  

Get your copy here, when you want to read some Stupid Cupid love.

Have a nice read.



Me, books and this blog

Hi there,

We decided that were going to write a post about the books we read, where we found them and what our favorite was. The other website name is books, life, reading. And we want to give you something more personal then only the reviews.

I’m going to talk a little about the 24 post I placed from the moment we started. This are a lot of books, to be honest I almost like all the books I read. I never start reading books I don’t like. To choose between these books is hard and I don’t really know which one is my favorite.

So I’m first going to tell you something about me and my favorite genre.
I think you guessed it already, I really love fantasy. And then the magic, fae, witches, dragons kind.
I read other books to, I have, I think, read two thrillers and that was it, still other books….
Reading these kind of books are an escape for me, getting away from my life and getting some peace in my head. I can’t read any other genre because I just can’t.
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