Protector (The Full-Blood Book 1) by [Nova, Serena]Protector is the first book in the Full Blood Series by Dutch Author Serena Nova.

Protector tells the story of Isadora, the last full blooded witch. And this is a problem.  Being the last full blood could put her life in danger, so as a child her grandmother forced her to hide her gifts before sending her to an elite school to train witches and Protectors.  Isadora’s grandmother knew that full blooded witches that didn’t know how to defend themselves were already dead. Isadora was able to conceal herself for 12 years before her best friend, the closet family she had, was threatened. So powers don’t stay hidden for long and unfortunately for Isa the wrong people saw what she could do. Now her only way on is to meet the 4 kings whether she wants to or not.

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Elements of Desire

Elements of Desire (Hijinks Harem Book 3) by [Stunich, C.M., James, Tate]The final book in the Hijinks Harem series is here.

Idonea & Amanda:  Finally! We get to know who the fuck Gemma is.

Elements of Desire by Tate James and C.M. Stunich is back for one more book full of sexy plumbers, lots of sex and the plumber jokes.
I: Really love the plumber jokes!

Arizona Smoke was having a great wedding until the end when a random woman shows up claiming that her new husbands are in fact supposed to be her husbands. Gemma, a women that five of the guys use to know shows up after having disappeared 10 years before.
It seems that the horrid mother in law invited her, and Gemma wants to end Ari’s relationship with her six guys though they want nothing to do with Gemma. The group goes to visit Ari’s mom in Down Under during their honeymoon and what a shock cunt MIL get on the plane along with the homewrecker Gemma Darling.
It isn’t a coincidence that Gemma is there, and she thinks the guys will want to be with her just because they have a past. Much to her chagrin the guys can’t stand her and only have love for Ari, even Dustin and his assy ways. The seven of them seem to be getting stalked by Joan and Gemma Darling, and Joan goes out of her way to treat Ari bad, like always. The guys promise Ari that they truly love her and could never love Gemma even with their past. Gemma plans something evil and hurts the link between Ari and her elementals. On top of all that, Ari learns more about her past and about the plans of the bio parents for her and her husbands.
I: And don’t forget the wine, something happens to the wine. Keep your priorities straight.

This was a great ending to the series. We both wanted to tit punch Gemma, (I: not only tit punch, know so many places that would hurt). Luckily Ari got her chance and did it for us in the book.
We both hate Gemma, don’t ask us why, because you will get a really long list. She was totally unlikeable throughout the whole thing, so good job writers!

This book is written from Ari’s point of view and her soul takes a beating in this book. But her guys love her completely and never waver from loving her even after all of the shit that happens to them.
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Elements of Ruin

Elements of Ruin (Hijinks Harem Book 2) by [Stunich, C.M., James, Tate]

Elements of Ruin, the second installment of the Hijink Harem is here. Written by C.M Stunich and Tate James.
The book picks up right after the run in with Bio Dad and Many Moms in Ari’s front yard. The boys and Ari are rather beat up and have to deal with a new predicament in the former of Ari’s other best friend Siobhan, a succubus and Warden/Max showing up. Siobhan informs Ari that she knows where her 6th elemental husband is and that in fact she had been dating him for the last few months. Ari being the naïve and good soul she is doesn’t want to stand in between the two. But the only problem is, Dustin her sixth has been stolen and is being held by Chaos United Movement, or better know through the whole book as C.U.M.

Amanda: And believe me, the laughs that C.U.M and C.O.C.S (Committee of Combined Supernatural) create when referenced throughout the whole story. It was so good…. 

Reg can barely keep it together anytime it is mentioned. Ari attempts to work through her feelings that she still holds for Warden/Max and the fact that her bestie is in love with her metal elemental. Ari works on developing her skills, but with the slut shaming and overall disgust from her Mother-in-Law, Joan, Ari has a lot of issues. Ari gets to be sexed up and have her pipes cleared in excess in this book in the most hot of scenes.
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Elements of Mischief

elements of mischiefAmanda & Idonea: Who know that plumbers could be so sexy. And we don’t mean the ones with oversized belly’s and butt cracks showing (sorry for hurting some feelings).
Well C.M Stunich and Tate James made it so. Elements of Mischief, the first in the Hijinks Harem is one of the best reads of the year.

Main character, Arizona Morgan Smoke a former barista inherits her grandmother’s house after her Gram’s recent death. Little did Arizona, Ari, know that her grandmother’s mansion was going to be falling down with $17,000 plumbing repairs needed. Ari is tired of walking the three blocks down the street just to use the bathroom. Her original quote being a little too high, Ari takes the advice of the first plumber and agrees to have his son and crew look at her drains.

I: And no that wasn’t a bad joke, this is how the book goes. And believe me, you are going to love it. If you are in to, plumber jokes, hot sex on paper and men who are Wowza.

In walked Shane or Skeeter

A: Why they called a grown man Skeeter, goes beyond me. So further with the book.

A sexy and gorgeous man, who knew he would be a plumber capable of snaking more than just the pipes. Ari sends Shane to her bathroom and likes his Southern hospitality that she decides to try it for herself. But bringing lemonade to a thirsty plumber has so many more consequences that Ari ever anticipated.

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