Moonbeams and Wolf Dreams

Moonbeams & Wolf Dreams: Children of Selene Book 1 by [Louise, Sarah]

Moonbeams and Wolf Dreams the first in the Children of Selene by Sarah Lousie. Aylin was found by her adopted fox shifter father in the hollowed out base of a large oak tree.  She has forever been seen as prey in the pack she was raised in. The Alpha a nasty man that would sooner kill someone then ever help anyone. But soon it is time for Aylin’s first shift. Since she doesn’t know who her parents are, she has no idea what she could turn into for the first time.

But that is the least of her worries.  The Alpha has taken an interest in her, and Aylin does not reciprocate.  He plans to take her after her first shift figuring that she will be easy prey as she acts like she is submissive. Aylin and her father have already created a plan to get her off of pack lands after her first shift on the moon after her 25th birthday.

A nearby pack comes to attend the ceremony and as Aylin is blessed by Selene the shifter goddess, she turns into a large white wolf. Commotion breaks out and the Alpha of the visiting pack claims her as his mate (her wolf agrees) and an argument ensues as her current pack leader plans to use her might for his own.

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Slayer (Dragon Tamer Book 1) by [Culican, J.A., Armitage, J.A.]Slayer, the first in the Dragon Tamer series J.A. Culican and J.A. Armitage. Julianna has been raised her whole life to be a dragon slayer.  Everyone in her village and her family have all been raised to be hunters. In their village they live below a mountain that they have to climb in order to locate the dragons that could put their village and way of life at risk. Julianna has been practicing for the last year in secret after her brother turned 18 and was given his armour and sword. Julianna took one of the training swords and taught herself to fight watching her brother be trained by their father. Julianna in her first fight against her brother bests him and after only a day of training while her brother took months before he was ready is sent with her father on her first hunt.

While hiking up the mountain hunting her first dragon, Julianna notices that there is something different about the red dragon flying over head and Julianna can’t kill it after thinking that it is just protecting an egg.  When she stumbles and falls off the side of the cliff and the dragon swoops down and rescues Julianna.

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Night of the Drakoryans

Night of the Drakoryans: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy by [Sinclair, Ava] A standalone in the Drakoryans series that looks at a character introduced in Fire Bride. Night of the Drakoryans by Ava Sinclair happens before Lyla is taken by her dragons by a few years.  Syrene was happy to be picked.  She looked forward to dying and not having to live her previous life. But when she thinks that she has been robbed of her own death she decides to take it on the first person that she see. Edrys thought that their new bride would be happy to get to become a lady of their manner.  Little did they know the abuse that Syrene went through at the hands of her step mother and her weak father. Syrene fights Edyrs upon waking up, prompting a discourse between he and his two brothers Xarsi and Nyron. The two find out from their oracle about her horrid past.  The witches grant the brothers an extended night in order to woo Syrene or else their line will die out.

Syrene has to learn how to live her life without the constant harassment from her step mother and the rest of her village.  Can Syrene come to terms with not only liking herself but also learning to love and be intimate with three Dragon Lords?

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Sacrifice: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Drakoryan Brides Book 1) by [Sinclair, Ava]Sacrifice by Ava Sinclair is a spin on the typical dragon shifter story. Lyla lives in a small village where fear of dragons is all that they know. Every certain number of years, one woman is sacrificed to the dragons in order for the rest of the village to survive. Lyla has been picked to be the sacrifice. She must stand up to the dragon and even though she thinks she won’t survive she isn’t truly afraid. She is taken by a great green dragon, but before she knows where she is going she faints from the height and the fear.

Drorgros has earned the right to claim Lyla first before his brothers. He fought and won to take her virginity. Drorgros is the oldest of the four dragon brothers and is the de facto leader since the death of their father. He is the first to take Lyla even when she isn’t sure how she is still alive. She thinks that the dragons must work for the men and that is why she has been taken.  Not knowing that the men are the dragons. After their night together Lyla is presented before the court and passed to the next brother, Zelki, who thinks himself to be greater than he is. He fought to claim her and lost so could only do so second. After that in order the other brothers Tythos and Imryth have the right to claim. Lyla meets a woman taken by the dragons a few years before and learns how much she loves her life with her men.

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Forest of Lost Souls

Shifters University 2: Forest of Lost Souls by K.R. Thompson finds Logan lost in the Forest of Lost Souls and Claire is looking for a way to get him out. She knows that he was wrongly accused of the crime of the crystals and wants to come up with a way to be with him again. Logan while in the forest has been forced into his dragon form and is slowing losing his humanity. While in the forest, Victor comes to him saying that if he joins the human resistance he can leave the forest. Logan agrees just to get out.  Claire starts researching and meets the other librarian that lives under the library to get extra help. Claire’s brother is still at the university, but he starts to have issues of his own.  Can Claire and Logan reunite and help save Shifters University from the resistance.

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Covert Fae

Covert Fae: A Demons of Fire and Night Novel (A Spy Among the Fallen) by [Crawford, C.N.]The newest series by C.N. Crawford is here.  Covert Fae is the first (though there is a prequel that I totally recommend you check out) in A Spy Among Angels series. The world has gone to hell, well to the Angels, but they aren’t the god forgiving ones that everyone thinks they are. In fact they are more like the smite and bring fire and brimstone down upon the earth. Eighteen months ago the dragon shifters came and destroyed the world, taking women with them when they left.  Ruby’s sister was snatched from her while she was cornered by dragons and saved by a rather blood thirsty angel. The angel took an interest in Ruby, but he mistook her for something else.  Ruby is in fact a Fae, but to feed into her fae powers, she loved dancing and had a stage persona.  She was Angela Death a succubus. Her fae powers give her the gift over illusion even down to her scent and her aura. Ruby fled New York and ended up following the Angel that saved her in London hoping he could help her find her sister.

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The newest series from Leia Stone, Skyborn in the Dragons and Druids Series. Sloane Murphy is running for her life. She went hiking in the Grand Canyon and slipped to sprout wings and turn into a dragon saving her from a horrible death. She has been running from hunters that have tried to capture her, but she doesn’t know why.  She only knows that they want to kill her.  While on the run, Sloane is cornered and without being able to keep her emotions in check shifts into an eight foot red dragon, matching her hair. While thinking she is living in a delusion, circus animals (as she puts it) come to her rescue, along with a tall sexy man wielding shotgun. When one of the circus animals transforms from a large black wolf into a sexy tattooed lady, Sloane passes out. When she wakes again, she learns that her dragon magic is broken, but also that she is one of two remaining dragon’s left in the world.  Tall sexy stranger, Logan Sharp was the last remaining dragon before her random transformation.  Sloane doesn’t know why, but she is completely drawn to Logan. She is brought into the world of shifters and sorcerers, druids, and dragons. The Dragon’s or the Skyborn are the protectors of humans and Druids or the Earthbound are the force trying to end the dragon’s and take the earth for themselves. Each day is a test as Sloane doesn’t know what she is or how to control her dragon magic.

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