Shadow Kissed

Shadow Kissed: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Witch's Rebels Book 1) by [Piper, Sarah]Shadow Kissed the first in The Witches Rebels series by Sarah Piper. Gray is in hiding.  Hiding from her past and hiding from hunters that want to kill witches. Gray fled her home in New York after her foster mother was killed by witch hunters.  She fled and arrived outside of Seattle where she was rescued from near death by four friends. Ronan and Asher, the demons, Emilio the cop shifter, and Darius the vampire. When Gray came too after weeks of being delirious, she could only remember Ronan and not the other guys.  But those guys still looked out for her.

On a delivery for her job in the middle of the night to take blood to the local vampire club, Gray stumbles upon a girl being held against her will by a sleazy human that is attempting to rape her. Gray tries to stop the attack but is attacked in response. As Gray is being hurt by the attacker, the young girl jumps on the guy and he tosses the girl across and she hits her head. Gray keeps fighting and the guy realizes that the girl is dying and flees. Gray tries to help the girl but loses connection with the lock that she had on her magic and taps into a part of her magic she never knew she had. She pushes the soul of the girl back into her body, but the girl doesn’t come back to life but is more like a zombie.

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Eternal Magic

Eternal Magic: A Demons of Fire and Night Novel (Shadows & Flame Series Book 4) by [Crawford, C.N.]Spoilers if you have not read the other three previous books

The final book in the Shadows and Flame Series, Eternal Magic a Demons of Fire and Night by writing duo C.N. Crawford. Ursula has been taken captive by Abrax and is being held hostage in his dungeon.  There after having been missing, Ursula finds a tortured Kester. Abrax wants to take Ursula’s power and add it to his own. But she has other ideas.

When it is learned that Abrax has Ursula, the other Lords of the Shadow Realm come for her and attempt to use Bael against her. But when Ursula see him, she sees that is is consumed with his blood lust, and the last time she had been with him it hadn’t ended well.  But Bael seems to be more in control than ever before. Bael and Ursula escape into the Night for Ursula to learn more about not only herself but also about her past and who her mother was. The two decide to go after Excalibur in the hopes of defeating Abrax.

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Dawn of Eternal Day

Dawn of Eternal Day (The Zodiac Curse: Harem of Light Book 1) by [Crawford, C.N.]Dawn of Eternal Day by C.N. Crawford is the second in the Zodiac Curse series.  This series is unique in the fact that the different books have been written by different authors.  The first Eve of Eternal Night (read my review here) was written by Amber Lynn Natusch while the newest release is by C.N. Crawford. These books do not have to be read in an order as they happen about the same time to different people. Dawn is down on her luck.  A former star of school with a 4.2 GPA and captain of the cheer team, her life as a rich popular girl changed when her mom woke up one day seeing shadow angels and thinking that the devil was out to get her.  She spent all of their money and due to this Dawn has been forced to take low paying job after low paying job.  But in all of that she has had her best friend Holly who has always been there for her. And much to Holly’s unhappiness, Dawn has her boyfriend Luke.

But when Luke takes controlling Dawn a little too far and actually hurts her, Dawn finally takes Holly’s advise and tries to leave the relationship. When she gets to work, her mom contacts her to the point that Dawn is forced to send her to the hospital as she is putting herself in danger. Holly agrees to have Dawn move in with her after her trip to the hospital, but when Dawn gets to Holly’s apartment she isn’t anywhere to be found and in fact something else is there.  Dawn flees the apartment and runs into her sexy neighbor that she enjoys watching.  He realizes that something is wrong and unwillingly (for the most part) agrees to help Dawn.  But he can’t help alone and calls in reinforcements.

Can Dawn save Holly and figure out what is happening to herself or is she going made like her mom.  Who are the three guys that have come into her life?

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Renegade Hunter

Renegade Hunter: A Reverse Harem Romance (Mates of the Realms: Mortals Book 1) by [Andersen, Lacey Carter]Renegade Hunter by Lacey Carter Andersen is the combining of three of her shorter stories, all related, into one book. Sharen just went through a nasty divorce where her sleazy husband has run off with her sister. But that doesn’t mean that she can stop working.  Sharen is a demon hunter and her job is to teach new demon hunters the ropes. But she is now considered too old to do most of the work. After the age of 21, adults are more susceptible to demons taking them over and making them do their bidding so the teachers are required to stay back while the students work.

When crossing into the demon worlds, the hunters can have nothing of theirs that is personal. So no jewelry or even clothes.  Demons can take those items and use them to come to our world. Even with her marriage over, Sharen still wears her wedding ring.  But like everyone else she leaves it with the rest of her personal belongings to cross over.

On her team’s mission the group stumbles upon a line demon, but not everything is as it seems. Out of nowhere an army of over 100 demons and 3 level 10 demons appear wanting to take Sharen hostage.  Her team manages to escape, but when Sharen goes back for her ring it is mysteriously missing from her cubby. She writes it off and goes home.

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Mercy’s Protectors

Mercy's Protectors (Mercy Ashby Book 1) by [Hardin, A.M.]Mercy’s Protectors a new series by A.M. Hardin is available today. Mercy isn’t what she seems especially for an 18 year old.  Ten years prior, Mercy was kidnapped and tortured by Payne and his henchman Jerome. After four years of captivity, Mercy was rescued by her father and uncle, losing her father during the escape. Mercy is different though. While raised by her human mother, she is in fact a half demon. Getting neither her mothers blue or her fathers red demon eyes, Mercy got a blend of purple. When Jerome wanders too close to where Mercy and her mother are living, Mercy has to go into protective custody with the Order, a group of other supernaturals from the five races. Demon, witch, shifter, vampire, and fae. She is given to Hunter’s team and expected to follow his orders when all she has known is her mother and uncle. Her uncle taught her how to defend and fight making sure she never is a victim again. Mercy is being hunted, but can she stay hidden or will her new protectors have to protect her every day forever? What happens when those said five protectors are the sexiest men you’ve ever seen?

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