Ancient Souls

Ancient Souls: (Historical Fantasy Romance Series-Book 1) by [Bissett, Marianne]

Ancient Souls by Marianne Bissett is a walk through history without changing or altering events that have happened.  Cora Tate is a nurse from the United States that has found herself on the shores of Normandy days after the invasion during World War II. She is one of the few that can handle the death around her. But at the worst times she is starting to see things that look like a distant memory, but one she doesn’t have any idea about. When attempting to find more medication, Cora sees an officer from afar that makes her heart beat faster and she has a hard time taking her eyes off of him. When she returns to her unit she prepares for more surgeries, her next a brutal head wound of a German soldier.  When that soldier grabs her an attempts to kill her, Cora’s instincts take over and she kills a man that her superiors wants to question. She is held until she is taken to a remote camp ran by the man she had seen.

Captain Alastair Scott knows Cora, along with every man and woman in his group. They are all guises, having lived multiple lives as friends and colleagues.  They had been waiting on Cora, though she was only slowly getting images, images that she learned were her past lives. As she slowly starts to remember she starts to realize things about herself she doesn’t want to know.

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Shadow Kissed

Shadow Kissed: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Witch's Rebels Book 1) by [Piper, Sarah]Shadow Kissed the first in The Witches Rebels series by Sarah Piper. Gray is in hiding.  Hiding from her past and hiding from hunters that want to kill witches. Gray fled her home in New York after her foster mother was killed by witch hunters.  She fled and arrived outside of Seattle where she was rescued from near death by four friends. Ronan and Asher, the demons, Emilio the cop shifter, and Darius the vampire. When Gray came too after weeks of being delirious, she could only remember Ronan and not the other guys.  But those guys still looked out for her.

On a delivery for her job in the middle of the night to take blood to the local vampire club, Gray stumbles upon a girl being held against her will by a sleazy human that is attempting to rape her. Gray tries to stop the attack but is attacked in response. As Gray is being hurt by the attacker, the young girl jumps on the guy and he tosses the girl across and she hits her head. Gray keeps fighting and the guy realizes that the girl is dying and flees. Gray tries to help the girl but loses connection with the lock that she had on her magic and taps into a part of her magic she never knew she had. She pushes the soul of the girl back into her body, but the girl doesn’t come back to life but is more like a zombie.

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Breakaways: Reverse Harem Romance (The Challenge Book 5) by [Harlem, Lily]The final book in the Challenge series by Lily Harlem.  Breakaways follows Olivia and her husbands from the coast of Spain to the Outback of Australia. Olivia has found out news that is shocking to her and the guys.  She is pregnant from one of her husbands and all five of them are excited to become fathers. Evan learns that his father has died and that in order to keep the family sheep ranch he will have to return to care for it.  On top of that, the group finds out that the three kids that were stowaways with them on their way to Raul’s home. The group decides to take the children with them so that they get the chance to have a family and everyone loved them so much. The group take the chance to use Harry’s money for something good to grow their family. The group really learns how far the Vidal name and money can get them.

Riley learns about their “marriage” but doesn’t understand how they can all be married to Olivia and be expecting an unknown fathered baby.

The children and even the adults are excited to try out a new life in the outback for all of them.

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Born of Embers

Born of Embers: Phoenix Rising Book One by [Wylde, Harper, Arthurs, Quinn]Born of Embers: Phoenix Rising Book One by Harper Wylde and Quinn Arthurs is a different look at shifters. Nix has been hurt and beaten and even murdered by her father Michael.  But no matter what he does to her, she doesn’t die, she is just reborn to her body completely healed.  Something her insane abusive father loves. But now that Nix is 18 she is ready to leave an go to college as far from Orlando, Fl as she can get. And that distance is all the way to Anchorage, Alaska at the University of Alaska. She flees in the middle of the night and boards a plane with two bags to her name and a little money saved and high tails it away.  She is very much an introvert and freaks out if people touch her or even brush up against her.

Nix has never really had friends, and now has to live with someone else.  Her new roommate seems a little different too and always has three guys around that she seems awful close too, but Nix doesn’t question it.  That is until her roommate makes the comment about her being like them. But Nix has no idea what they are talking about.  She guessed that their were other supernatural type people out there but she doesn’t even know what she is.

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Cursed: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Romance (The Gaia Chronicles Book 1) by [White, Grace]Cursed is the first in the Gaia Chronicles by Grace White. Terra Masterson has just experienced a hardship in her life.  For the last six years she has lived with her grandmother, but two years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and Terra became her caretaker putting the rest of her own life on hold. But now that her grandmother has passed, she wants Terra to stretch her wings and fly.  So six months before her death, her grandmother sent away all of the information for Terra to attend college at Atchison College near her home in Lebanon Kansas.

Terra finds herself to be a little different.  She, since childhood, has been able to feel nature.  She knows how trees and nature feels around her and it has made her feel outcast from others. as a child her parents didn’t want her to tell anyone, but after their death when she was 13, her grandmother convinced her to embrace her difference and never to be embarrassed by it.

Terra arrives at school right before it starts, and finds herself lost on campus but is soon helped out by sophomore Cael to make her way to her dorm. But he isn’t the only guy that has now shown an interest in Terra.  Ross who is similar to Terra, Endo is bright and firey, and Sol how is grounded.  Each of the guys has a connection to Terra, that she feels every time they brush against each other.  Why are these four guys so interested in Terra?  Does it have anything to do with her connection to nature?

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Their Memoriam

Their Memoriam: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 1) by [Michaels, Jazz]Their Memoriam a Utopia Inc book by Jazz Michaels is meant to mess with your head. Science has destroyed the world, well according to those who use religion as their pulpit. A plague descended on the earth about 35/40 years ago.  More than half the world died and the results left the world in a dangerous state. Science isn’t trusted anymore and blamed for everything. But that doesn’t stop people from searching for a cure and a way to fix the world.  Dr. Valda Bashan has know strife her whole life.  Her mother is accused of creating the plague and ending the world as we know it even though she still went to study science with her mother and father. On September 13, 2065, Valda awoke in a lifepod meant to protect her from aging and other complications. When she finally becomes cognitive enough she learns that she is the Lead Researcher in Biosphere One, but has no idea how she got here. She realizes that 5 years of her life are missing.  After her first twenty four hours she then has to help the others on her team to wake up. Four others are asleep in lifepods similar to hers and she has to help them wake up.  First is Andreas, a shrink for the team. Next is Hatch, a pilot, reasons unknown why he is there.  Then a medical doctor Oz.  And lastly a security captain Dirk. Valda questions the team but doesn’t even know why she is there.  After helping each of the men to wake and start living, Valda retreats to her lab to start studying why she might be there.

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Black Ops Fae

Black Ops Fae (A Spy Among the Fallen Book 2) by [Crawford, C.N. ]Book 2 in the Spy Among the Fallen Series, Black Ops Fae by C.N. Crawford picks up where book 1 left off.  Ruby’s secret has been found out and she had to act drastically. Hazel has been brought to the castle, but Johnny has learned more than he should. Adonis knows her secret and plans to do everything in his power to protect Ruby. Johnny has been dealt with, though Ruby is waiting for him to come back and tell Kratos her secret that she isn’t a succubus at all.  Kratos becomes even more obsessed with Ruby and comes close to enacting his curse and falling.  Ruby to save her secret flees wit Adonis, but under the guise that she is leaving to prevent Kratos from falling and to give Johnny time to realize that there is something wrong with himself. They plan a trip to Scotland by demon horse to Adonis’ castle.  On this two day journey, Ruby learns a bit more about Adonis’ past, including that he, Kratos, Johnny and one other are in fact the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and more about the curse that effects the other angels. Ruby gets to look into Adonis’ past and learn more about him, including meeting his closest friends that are shadow demons. Adonis keeps wanting to look upon Ruby’s true form without her glamour and see beneath her facade.  She realizes again and again that she has feelings for the Angel of Death, but justifies again and again that it is because she considers him one of the good guys. The two, plus two of Adonis’ demon friends go with the Adonis and Ruby to get the fourth and final horseman, War, on their side against Johnny.  Can it really work out with an ally in War or will being the Bringer of Light have terrible repercussions.

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