Baby Girl

Baby Girl by [Stunich, C.M.]The newest stand alone by C.M. Stunich Baby Girl is not all smiles.  This book is not part of a series but its own novel.  This is not for the faint of heart. Some people even claim that it made them cry.  I wasn’t one of them, but it does get you in the feels. The book starts two years earlier.  Embry and Phoenix are best friends, but they are a threesome group of friends with Codrick, Embry’s boyfriend.  It’s prom night and Embry and Phoenix are waiting for Rick to pick them up, but as time goes by, he doesn’t show. Embry and Phoenix decide to take Phoenix’s motorcycle and meet him in the middle. The two come across his car flipped over and off the street where Rick has been killed.  In his arms are flowers that he has for Embry for their night at prom.  Embry falls apart and stops functioning where Phoenix takes care of her. At the funeral, Embry picks a fight with Phoenix and leaves home in Louisiana to go to school in New York. Two years later, Embry returns after her father has a heart attack. And Phoenix comes back into her life. After having a fight six months prior with Phoenix, Embry isn’t overly happy to see him with her family. Can Embry comes to terms with the loss of Codrick and her ongoing feelings that she has for Phoenix?

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Dark Moon

Dark Moon by Paige Taylor the first in the Illumination Book Series. Ava Pearce for the last ten months has been a lone wolf after being beaten and chased out by her previous Alpha.  She finds herself in Montana where she teaches martial arts to children and fights in cage matches.  At her latest match prior to going into the cage, Ava looks and sees a male that she wants to see closer. After her fight she meets Marco that she instinctively knew was her mate. Marco is ecstatic that he has finally meet his mate, as he never thought it would happen.  After taking her home to his pack, Marco has to introduce her to his cousin and pack Alpha Dylan and neighboring pack Alpha Wade. Ava and the guys realize that she is all of their mates, which isn’t unheard of within the packs. Ava works on getting to know her new mates.  But life isn’t as easy as all that when vampires attack Wade’s pack lands. Ava is rescued by another lone wolf who also is another of her mates, Zane. The secrets of Ava’s past starts to come out and she fears that her new found mates will abandon her.

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