Love the Sea

Love the Sea (Saved by Pirates Book 2) by [Bailey, G.]Love the Sea book 2 in the Pirates series by G. Bailey is a wonderful addition to Cassandra’s story. Cass has been taken by the king’s soldiers.  She and Livvy along with her dragon egg are on their way to court where she doesn’t know if she will live or die. While on the ship her dragon begins to hatch and Cass fears for the dragons life. Cass has Livvy throw her white dragon into the sea to keep her away from the evil king. Livvy is taken away and Cass is taken to the dungeon.  There she finds her best friend, father, and best friends mom from her home island.  She learns that she is to be entered into a game of a sort that the king watches for entertainment, where Cass has to survive and hope the rest of her family can too.  She learns the secret that the twins held to closely and why they were on their ship and the history of the chosen ones. Her pirates have come for Cass, but they have a secret that they never told and Ryland has Cass’ mark on his head. Each of the guys has come to help rescue Cass and bring her back with them away from the king. But can Cass survive the trials that the king puts her through and can her pirates save her?

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A Bond of Blood and Fire

a bond of blood and fireThis review contains spoilers read first the first book. Thank you.

A Bond of Blood and Fire, the Goddess and the Guardians, book two by Karen Tomlinson.

I read this right after the first book. And got hooked in seconds. The writer has grown so much between the first book and this one.

The story continues with Diamond in training to become the weapon that the Queen wants her to be. Only one thing that makes it a lot more difficult, is Hugo. He is now nothing more than her enemy, feeling betrayed by him. Not knowing if she ever will trust him again, she starts her training. Hugo trains her hard and with some help of the goddess she becomes stronger, better and faster.

Diamond trains and trains. Her relationship with Hugo keeps changing, from great to terrible. Hugo knows that they are Nexus that they meant to be with each other. And he tries to win Diamond back, to make her trust him again. Something that isn’t that simple.
Her training goes well, and her relationship with Hugo gets better making her happy. Finding new friends and finding out that she can do more.

Then the Queen finds out that her commander and Diamond are growing towards each other again. And she gives Diamond the test, a horrible test. After she passes the test she is send to the Wall to fight Giants, dragons and the army of the Wraith lord.
Here she needs to train her magic to become even stronger and save everyone in Valentia.
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Deadly Dreams: The Cursed

Deadly Dreams: The Cursed (Alternative Futures Book 2) by [Hope, Averi, Andersen, Lacey Carter]Book 2 Deadly Dreams: The Cursed is finally out. I couldn’t stop reading the first so I was so excited with this one’s release. By Lacey Carter Andersen and Averi Hope. It has been two years since Caleb left Erin to go to the earth academy after their fight, even with Erin’s video message. Erin is taking a demotion from commander to lieutenant commander on the newest ship The Odyssey. Erin for the past two years has dream jumped to be close to Caleb as she has never been able to get over him, and with his dreams it seems that he isn’t over her either. As Erin moves to her new position she learns as she transports that Caleb will be her commanding officer. Like Erin, Caleb still has feelings for Erin and sees her as his mate. Caleb and Erin play a game around each other and find themselves still wanting each other above anyone else.  To the point in the last two years neither could bear to be with someone else.

With the soon to be departure of The Odyssey Erin finds out that she will need to dream jump to put an end to Ahmed’s rain of kidnapping and terror. This book like the first is written chapter to chapter be both Erin and Caleb.

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