Legacy (Last Princess Book 2) by [Hardin, A.M.]Legacy, the second book in the Last Princess by A.M. Hardin. Cherish and her guards are on the run.  Forced to flee after the actions of her brother Forrest, they arrive at Andrei’s grandmothers home. But she isn’t a knitting granny, no sir.  His grandmother is the leader of the resistance in her village, questioning the roles of those around them, Cherish’s father (though they did not dislike him). Cherish is thrown into the idea that in order to better her kingdom she will need to take up the mantle of queen and have faith in herself.

Since arriving at her home, Cherish had been satisfied in just being the princess in name and not having to worry about it in actions as much.  But with the new turn of events, she has to take on all the politics and the kingdom. But can she overcome what Forrest is trying to do? He has deemed her a traitor and how many people are going to believe him over her, since she is only half human.  What new obstacles will occur and since Cherish isn’t the traitor to the kingdom or the rebels, she will have to learn fast who is a traitor to her.

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Their Sacrifice

Their Sacrifice: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 2) by [Michaels, Jazz]Their Sacrifice, Utopia Inc Book Two by by Jazz Michaels.

Valda remembers and with that come new struggles. She needs to find out how to get back.
Luckily she has her men around. Andreas, Hatch, Oz and Dirk all fight for her, stand by her and help her to solve this puzzle they are in, over and over they will help. Only time is running out, she needs to escape, she needs to find her way home.

When things get harder and problems get bigger she finds a solution, only not everyone is happy with the answer she has to the puzzle. Knowing what she needs to do will bring more problems and not knowing what will be there for her on the other side makes it all harder.
With her man by her side she starts fighting, will she survive and who will survive with her?
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Cross the Line Magic

Cross the Line Magic (Believers Book 2) by [Guyer, C.V.]Book Two, Cross the Line Magic in the Believers Series by C & V Guyer. This story follows Mac and Jax in their own story. Mac has finally decided to move out of her parents basement.  But she thinks that they will be upset that she is going, but in fact they are overjoyed and happy to add naked days back to the calendar. Jax has gone out of his way to get himself involved with Mac’s family.  Spending time getting his butt kicked by her brothers, shopping with her mom. Jax knows that Mac is the girl from him, just like his brother Max knew that Laney was the girl for him. Jax finds a way to learn where Mac is moving and snatches up the apartment next door to her. The two fight their attraction while living next door to each other. More secrets are learned about Mac and her gaming profession and Jax and his military work. Jax’s magic is quite different from his brother in that he can’t ever be trapped and can get out of anything.

Can Jax win Mac’s heart or will his magic come between them, or will it be the pig?

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Den of Thieves

Den of Thieves: a Reverse Harem Fantasy (The Legend of Tariel Book 2) by [Walt, Jasmine]Den of Thieves, Book 2 in the Legend of Tariel by Jasmine Walt. Riann has been taken by bandits and the group doesn’t know where he is. The three remaining begin to track Riann through Tariel’s connection to him from their shared bond. Riann is being taken back to the bandits and has his first meet of Wellion the son of the leader of the bandits. Riann is given two options, to either become one of them or die.  But with this decision, Wellion’s sister has decided that she wants Riann for herself even after Riann rebukes her on multiple occasions.

Tariel, Yarim and Calrain begin the journey of finding the bandits and rescuing Riann.  Along the way Tariel learns more about her abilities and her magic. Still fearful of the witch hunter Sir Jerrold the group has to stay on alert from more issues. The group works hard to all come back together.

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Polar Fates

Polar Fates: A Reverse Harem Novel (The Drowning Book 2) by [MacKinnon, Skye]Book two, Polar Fates, in the Drowning Series by Skye MacKinnon continues the story of Isla and her four sexy bear shifters. Isla has bonded with Torben and can now feel his presence more. She is waiting to bond with the other three, but hasn’t found the time since their group session. Traders come to the island with items.to trade for the batteries that the two older bears found on the island before the drowning. In the items is a group of books, with one very special book. The story of the three bears that holds the actual history of the bear shifters. Finally the group can learn more about their history and not just from what Alis remembers before she died and became a spirit. In the book, the group finds at the end that there is someone that wants to meet them and the reason for no cubs being born. The fates have interacted for a specific reason and now need their help to fix the issues.  And what an issue it is, the reasons are justifiably, though tough on all bear shifters.

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The Wife Protectors: Giles

The Wife Protectors: Giles (Six Men of Alaska Book 2) by [Hart, Charlie, Seabrook, Chantel]The Wife Protectors: Giles in the Six Men of Alaska series by Charlie Hart and Chantel Seabrook follow the continued story of Tia and her six husbands. Tia ran away when she thought that her past was going to catch up to her and take her away from her husbands. But running was the stupidest thing that Tia could do.  She doesn’t know where she really is or even where to go to escape her past. But while fleeing a truck with three unknown men stop and try to take Tia for themselves.  The men attack Tia and at gun point force her into their truck. Not long ago stories of women being stolen and raped and murdered in Alaska is brought right back to the front of Tia’s mind.  Wanting to survive even though she made a bad choice, Tia decided to look for another way to escape. As the truck starts to head out, the three kidnappers are stopped by Giles.  The guys have been out looking for Tia as they don’t understand why she would leave them. Giles confronts the men and when his life is put in danger, Tia responds by shooting one of the three kidnappers, killing him.

Alaska with their new laws has taken all rights away from women making them hostages to their husbands. And that goes double for mercenaries that are hired by the government. With Tia having killed the man and the other two fleeing, her life is now in even more danger, but she just doesn’t realize it yet.

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Tempt (The Kresova Vampire Harems: Aurora Book 2) by [Knox, Graceley, Miers, D.D.]Book 2 Tempt in the Kresova Harem: Aurora by Graceley Know and D.D. Miers. Aurora is having nightmares of Abe and Abe is pushing for her to find him.  He is lost and has to be found in order to stop Morana. Morana requires that Carver visit her for a short stay that turns into a month apart. Aura hasn’t been with one of her men, since Lucian isn’t hers with his engagement to someone else. But once Carver finally makes it home, disaster strikes the girls house in New Orleans. A fire starts mysteriously burning the majority of the old house.  When the group retreats to one of Carvers safe houses, they learn that they weren’t as safe as they thought and that Morana knows exactly where they are.

Morana requires the presence of not just Carver but also Aura for the centennial event happening in Paris. Abe’s dreams are getting more intense, cause Aura the desire to not sleep, especially when Carver has to wake her from the nightmares. But with the help of Lucian, who seems to becoming more in tune with the future that has already been planned for him, the group heads towards Paris and the party that awaits them.

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