Upheaval, Rise of The Iliri Book Eight

UpheavalUpheaval, Rise of the Iliri Book Eight.

Written by the amazing Auryn Hadley.

This book was amazing and it shows so much more of the characters. I love how she switch between almost all of them;how they all tell a part of the story, giving you a bigger view of the whole picture. This book is all about Merriton, her past and how she fights to overcome that past.

To be honest I expected a little more drama in it. A little more confrontation, still I don’t miss it. I liked that this book showed more of the rest, more of her pack. And that it still showed her that she is Iliri and not a god, like some bad guy thinks he is.

The world building is always amazing in Auryn books, and she didn’t disappoint. I missed a little more sexy times in this one, but that is fine also. I think it is an important book in the whole story of Sal, the book shows her that there is more to life then fighting and winning. It is an important part of her journey.Read More »


The Kiss of Death, Demons Muse

The kiss of deathThe kiss of Death, Demons Muse Book One by Auryn Hadley.

First of all, I really love Auryn and her worlds she creates. I’m a big fan of hers.

I can’t write the story in short here. I tried believe me, my backspace button is fading right now. And it is not because I don’t know what to say. I want to say too much and tell you the whole book. So no, no synopsis from me this time.
You can read the synopsis on her site or Amazon. It tells you enough about the book to start reading and not so much that you know the whole story.

I can only tell you how good the book was, that it is something you need to read. Like the other books of Auryn. I really like the way how she explains the religions and Death, demons, angels and other creatures in the world. I really want to believe that is how it is. Sorry I really like the demons in this book and I have always been a demon person.

Auryn creates the characters so good. Love the guys in the book, the mc Sienna is awesome, fun and doesn’t back down from a fight. Nick is somebody I love to meet and Luke, Sam and Beelzebub (Bel) are great, they add so much to the story and give so much back to Sia. I can’t wait for the next book really excited about how Sia and the guys will grow, how their relationship grows and what will happen next.

Thank you Auryn.

Get your copy here.

Have a really nice read.


Dissent, Rise of the Iliri

DissentDissent, Rise of the Iliri book 7 by Auryn Hadley.

After the Parliament finally agrees to an alliance that gives Sal total control of the CFC Military she goes back to Fort Landing a place she called home for a long time.
Now it is not as a conscript but as a queen, The Kaisae of all Iliri, the commander of the Anglian army.
She is here to win a war, make sure that the CFC stays intact while doing so.

The biggest problem are the humans, and yeah I know it gets a little tired of hearing that still it is true, they still think they are better than the Iliri.
The military base hates the Iliri, hate the fact that she is in charge, don’t believe it and don’t want to work with her. So she has to fight them and make sure that she doesn’t lose friends and family in the processes.

Only the humans are doing a good job in destroying their own country from within.
Finding out that Iliri soldiers are disappearing, that there is a group who calls themselves the True soldiers that hate, and I mean Hate, the Iliri. The whole base is a mess and Sal needs to fix that first before she can start to push Terric out.

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Resilience, Rise of the Iliri

ResilienceResilience, Rise of the Iliri book 6 by Auryn Hadley.

Her world got turned upside down and now the CFC demands that she meets with the Parliament representatives of the Conglomerate of Free Citizens, to talk about an alliance.
She goes back to the CFC to help the Iliri who are still living there and making sure that all of the CFC survives the threat of Terric.
First she has to survive Parliament, knowing that they demanded her to come to the meeting, knowing that they still think of themselves as the superior species, makes her resent them more.
Still she goes, trying not to hate them, trying not to blame the humans for what happened.

Only Sal struggles and being back in the CFC with so many memories makes it harder, not knowing what to do without Blaec, not knowing what to do with Kolt the man who saved her from the Terric camp. Sal is tired, a living shell from what she used to be. Still she fights on, tries to get Parliament to see what she is doing, giving all the Iliri equal rights and kill the Emperor.
Only the CFC doesn’t understand her, doesn’t want to understand her and keeps trying to disgrace her, prove that they are the better ones here.

Knowing that they need a plan B, if the alliance doesn’t work, Sal and the Black Blades are planning on telling all the Iliri that they have a way out, that there is a place where they are respected and wanted, that they can go to Anglia and live a free live.
And with the help of the Anglia’s they make sure that everyone knows where they need to go.
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Tenacity, Rise of the Iliri

TenacityTenacity, Rise of the Iliri book 5 by Auryn Hadley.

The Black Blades defected to Anglia, the law that state that any Iliri who choose to relocate to Anglia can do so without consequences are in place. And that is what the Black Blades needed and what Anglia and Viraenova wanted. Now Salryc has a crown and way to help her people.
The CFC doesn’t like this and are pissed off, not wanting an alliance with the Anglia any more, Anglia moves on.

After securing a small town and found almost everyone death, only in a basement of a building they find someone. A girl, with red curls, one ice blue and one pale amber eye sits in a cage.
Scared and with a power nobody ever seen in an Iliri. Sal helps her out of the cage al to aware of what that does to you. Knowing how it is to be a slave, to be caged and treaded like something disgusting. Shaden, the girl starts trusting Sal and they take her back to the camp, giving her a safe place to stay. Giving her the choice of living with them or doing whatever she wants, something called freedom.

They are planning on liberating a city that is been enslaved by the Emperor’s reign.
Only this city is thought to be impenetrable, nobody goes in or out and that is a problem if they want to save everyone inside the city.
They figure out a plan, to get inside, open the gates. And Shaden, still shy and scared with so many man around her becomes their secret weapon, showing how powerful she is.

Every time they win, Sal listens to the people they saved and how she was too late, didn’t save everyone. She can’t sleep, doesn’t eat and keeps on fighting, trying to save everyone.Read More »

Inseparable, Rise of the Iliri

InseparableInseparable, Rise of the Iliri book four by Auryn Hadley.

Sal got back from Anglia, she gets home to a cell and a trail. The representatives of the CFC are planning to disband the Black Blades because they did a good job. She did what the CFC asked off her. She got a king on the throne of Anglia, one that loves the Iliri, played by the rules, okay “Blaec rules”.  And now the king of Anglia has decided that he needs to safe Salryc Luxx and the Black Blades and help her make the world better not only for Iliri also for humans. Only the CFC doesn’t get it, they see her pale skin and see her ears on top of her head, seeing something different and that scares them. Not wanting the Iliri to be the superior race, not wanting the Black blades to be better than humans they separate them.

Sal her trail goes without too much problems, she gets to be free and the Black Blades are disbanded. If you call that with not too much problems. They place all of the pack members in different groups, hoping to tame the Iliri. Placing Sal in Azure Silence, the worst Elite group in the CFC and the group who hate the Iliri the most. Something that gives her a lot of problems, luckily Zep is around and has her back. The CFC doesn’t know that this separation only makes them stronger, their family bond tighter and gives them a good view of how all the elites run.

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Defiance, Rise of the Iliri

InstinctualDefiance, Rise of the Iliri book three by Auryn Hadley,

The parliament isn’t happy about the Black Blades being all Iliri and they want them out of the way. They tried that in the last book already and didn’t really succeed. Now they are sending Cyno and Sal away towards Anglia, to get an alliance with the country. To place a king of their likings on the throne, only there is one thing, the orders aren’t specific in who needs to be in the throne. So Cyno and Sal decided that a bastard born son who likes the Iliri, even when he never seen one, is the best choice for them all.
So they are on their way, making sure that this alliance will happen and be a benefit to the CFC and the Iliri.

On their road towards the capital of Anglia they struggle with their feelings for each other and Sal doesn’t know what she needs to do with Cyno. They are separated from their pack and that means separated from their link. They can’t get in each other’s heads and so they miss things.
When it looks like they are going to have a massive fight, they find blood in the snow, following the trail which leads them towards an wounded animal.
Helping this animal, Sal walks up towards it. Only to find out that this animal is more similar to her than any other being on the planet. They find out where they came from, their true nature.


They save the Grauor wolf and go back towards the road again to finish their mission. Only they find out that they are being followed by two of the Graour wolfs and that is when their pack grows, allowing the Graour to travel and live with them, giving them also the link back and giving them a bigger family.

There is only one problem in this all, they need to find a way to get on the good side of the new king. And that is difficult, because Salryc may be an Iliri she is a women too. Only man can be soldiers or hold a position of power, women are property in Anglia. Until Salryc came by.

Will she succeed, will she get the alliance she needs to safe the CFC and her people.
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