Haunted: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (The Academy of Spirits and Shadows Book 2) by [Stunich, C.M.]The second book in the Academy of Spirits and Shadows, Haunted by C.M. Stunich. After the events of the previous book, so much has changed for Brynn. Talon has been taken by the wolves and the queen won’t allow anyone to deal with the issue.  On top of that Dyre and his brother are having issues. Without Dyre to be connected to Trubble, Trubble has the chance of going completely shadow and losing himself. Vexer has been helping out Brynn and knows that he wants her for his mate. While he is more of a monogamous type, he understands that Brynn has feelings for Air and Eli.

Brynn starts to work on the spell to try to get Air, Eli, Cross, and Dyre back into their bodies. The spell has to be perfect or there is a chance that the guys will never get to come back.  So much happens in this that the best option is to just read it I swear.

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Protect, Book 1 in the Guardians Series by K.K. Tynan.  Rose is a librarian at a specialty library called the TOMBS (Treasury of Magical Bestial Studies. She was excited to get to join to further her own research of studying lost cities, though her first priority was to the benefactors of the library. While on her way out, two creatures attacked her forcing her into shift.  But not a normal shift. Rose turned into a small auburn mouse where she was then saved by Keyne a man tasked with protecting her. She is brought with him to his organization and helped to turn back human with the aid of Mags, an associate. Once she is back to her human form, Rose starts to question what is going on with her. She learns that Keyne along with Gris, another guardian, are going to protect her and find out why she was attacked in the first place.

The three set off on an adventure to discover if the Lost City of Moberley in Missouri and to find out the secrets of a secret society that no one thought really existed.

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Snowballs in Hell, Princess of Hell

Snowballs in hellSnowballs in Hell, Princess of Hell book two by Eve Langlais

When hell freezes over, a world disaster and I can only think about how pretty it looks.
Knowing that my fight with the cowled isn’t over I have to prepare. Only to be hold back by a curse placed on my mind. Rendering me in fear, making me completely useless.

After finding out that I have Nympho magic, who needs to be charged by sex, which makes me lucky that I have my personal fallen angle who provides me with the most pleasurable sex you can imagine.
Auric is my true love, I love him deeply and are happy that he is with me. Even when he tries to protect me from everything in the world. I’m the daughter of Lucifer, I don’t need protection.

Here comes the problem, I need this curse lifted to save Hell and the only way I can do that is to get another man in my bed. Meaning I have to betray Auric, something I never want to do.
Only my magic keeps demanding, my magic keeps betraying me. Feeling attracted to the other guy, not wanting to betray Auric I keep fighting the feeling.

How am I going to love Auric and safe us all without destroying something so important to me. Am I ready to let somebody else in, take the risk and save the world?
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Black Ops Fae

Black Ops Fae (A Spy Among the Fallen Book 2) by [Crawford, C.N. ]Book 2 in the Spy Among the Fallen Series, Black Ops Fae by C.N. Crawford picks up where book 1 left off.  Ruby’s secret has been found out and she had to act drastically. Hazel has been brought to the castle, but Johnny has learned more than he should. Adonis knows her secret and plans to do everything in his power to protect Ruby. Johnny has been dealt with, though Ruby is waiting for him to come back and tell Kratos her secret that she isn’t a succubus at all.  Kratos becomes even more obsessed with Ruby and comes close to enacting his curse and falling.  Ruby to save her secret flees wit Adonis, but under the guise that she is leaving to prevent Kratos from falling and to give Johnny time to realize that there is something wrong with himself. They plan a trip to Scotland by demon horse to Adonis’ castle.  On this two day journey, Ruby learns a bit more about Adonis’ past, including that he, Kratos, Johnny and one other are in fact the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and more about the curse that effects the other angels. Ruby gets to look into Adonis’ past and learn more about him, including meeting his closest friends that are shadow demons. Adonis keeps wanting to look upon Ruby’s true form without her glamour and see beneath her facade.  She realizes again and again that she has feelings for the Angel of Death, but justifies again and again that it is because she considers him one of the good guys. The two, plus two of Adonis’ demon friends go with the Adonis and Ruby to get the fourth and final horseman, War, on their side against Johnny.  Can it really work out with an ally in War or will being the Bringer of Light have terrible repercussions.

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Covert Fae

Covert Fae: A Demons of Fire and Night Novel (A Spy Among the Fallen) by [Crawford, C.N.]The newest series by C.N. Crawford is here.  Covert Fae is the first (though there is a prequel that I totally recommend you check out) in A Spy Among Angels series. The world has gone to hell, well to the Angels, but they aren’t the god forgiving ones that everyone thinks they are. In fact they are more like the smite and bring fire and brimstone down upon the earth. Eighteen months ago the dragon shifters came and destroyed the world, taking women with them when they left.  Ruby’s sister was snatched from her while she was cornered by dragons and saved by a rather blood thirsty angel. The angel took an interest in Ruby, but he mistook her for something else.  Ruby is in fact a Fae, but to feed into her fae powers, she loved dancing and had a stage persona.  She was Angela Death a succubus. Her fae powers give her the gift over illusion even down to her scent and her aura. Ruby fled New York and ended up following the Angel that saved her in London hoping he could help her find her sister.

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The newest novel by C.M. Stunich has been released.  C.M. said that this is her favorite that she has written and I can totally see why.  Spirited is the first in The Academy of Spirits and Shadows reverse harem series.  It follows the story of Brynn of Haversey and her handler Jasinda, as they attempt to exorcise a ghost to earn their way into the Spirit Academy after being rejected 7 times. But Brynn is special.  She is half angel and half human whose black wings are so much larger than her that she often knocks into things and falls over. And this combination gives her the ability to see ghosts and spirits.  And yes ghosts and spirits are two different things. While on her assignment, Brynn runs into ghost Elijah that has been trapped from a year when he and his handler attempted to exorcise the same ghost, but they didn’t make it out alive.  Elijah helps Brynn and somehow in the process is unbound from his place of death and bound to Brynn.  While on their return, new ghost in tow, Brynn meets Vexer a griffin (in this story griffins are essentially men or women that can trun into griffins but always have their huge wings on their back) that returns her to the capital city. He takes an interest in her and tries to get her to go on a date with him, which she refuse, but later regrets that choice.  But she has more important things to do, like get Elijah back to the castle that she lives at and have him speak to the queen.

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All Spell Breaks Loose

All Spell Breaks Loose (Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 10) by [Chase, Annabel]Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read the others in this series I totally recommend checking them out.

Book 10 in the Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mystery series by Annabel Chase adds to the in depth story of Spellbound the Paranormal trapped in time. A short background, Emma Hart accidentally found herself in the enclosed Paranormal town of Spellbound.  For a few centuries, Spellbound has been separate from the rest of the paranormal world when a curse was cast.  Emma became trapped when she attempted to save Daniel a fallen angel, (only in that he has lost his halo). Emma and Daniel go through numerous trials and tribulations that have lead them to book 10. Emma and Daniel are preparing for their wedding day.  Emma is the town public defender and has to work to defend and help the supernatural residents.  She has her friends by her side and goes to enjoy her bachelorette party only to drink a tonic unbeknownst and have her memory wiped. She forgets everyone prior to entering Spellbound.  With her wedding only a week away Emma and her friends try to find out who would want Emma’s memory wiped.  Does it relate to the curse or just an unhappy client she couldn’t get off.

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