The Wasteland, Their Champion

WastelandThe Wasteland: Their Champion Book One, written by K.A Knight.

All the goldfish in the sea, this was so freaking amazing. I’m going to tell you something about this book in a moment, only first. Wow, I’m really really, you know really hooked. So here is the part about the book, but believe me, if you like – the world ended, dystopian kind of world – then you need to pick up this book and start, it is hot and amazing!

Fighting for you life when the world ended wasn’t something Worth thought she would be doing. After the world stopped being what we all knew, everything went to chaos. And now the strongest survive. Being taken away (and no not in the nice way) from her family and brought to the Wastelands to the North, Worth has to learn what it really means to fight for survival.

Becoming the Champion her story was carved in her skin, showing to everyone who she is. Read More »


The Royal Trials, Imposter

theroyaltrialsimposterThe Royal Trials, Imposter.
Written by Tate James.

I have waited for this book for some time, and finally got the chance to read it today. And it was good, totally worth the wait.

You will meet Rybet Waise, a thief and a mercenary. She has to save a friend from the dungeons of the royal palace. Should be easy for someone with her skill set.

Only she finds herself pulled into the Royal Trials, a competition to find a wife for one of the princes. It should be easy to get out of there, right?
The trials aren’t what they look like to the outside, behind every smile and polished face there is a terrible truth. Because if you fail these trials, you don’t go home, you don’t even make it out of the palace alive.

When the harsh reality sinks in, Rybet needs every skill she has to stay alive.
She has to deal with people wanting her dead, her boss wanting her to succeed for his own goals and keeping herself alive to get out if this mess. How will she survive?

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Oath Forger, book three

oaht forger 3Oath Forger, book three by Nia Mars.

They found out.
They know I’m a virgin and that drives these man even crazier. I’m falling for them, my heart is opening up to them, I don’t want to leave them. Only there is a committee on its way to find out if I’m the real Oath Forger. Only I already know, I’m not, so what is going to happen to me.
And how will I survive this, how can I leave them. How can I leave my Kreks.

Then there is that other part, who will take my virginity, who will be my first. They all want to be, they all want me to accept them. How can I do that when I’m not even sure how this al works.

Will I survive them, will I survive being the Oath Forger and love them all or will I find out that I’m truly not what they think I am and do I have to leave them. I don’t think that my heart will survive that. Read More »

Snowballs in Hell, Princess of Hell

Snowballs in hellSnowballs in Hell, Princess of Hell book two by Eve Langlais

When hell freezes over, a world disaster and I can only think about how pretty it looks.
Knowing that my fight with the cowled isn’t over I have to prepare. Only to be hold back by a curse placed on my mind. Rendering me in fear, making me completely useless.

After finding out that I have Nympho magic, who needs to be charged by sex, which makes me lucky that I have my personal fallen angle who provides me with the most pleasurable sex you can imagine.
Auric is my true love, I love him deeply and are happy that he is with me. Even when he tries to protect me from everything in the world. I’m the daughter of Lucifer, I don’t need protection.

Here comes the problem, I need this curse lifted to save Hell and the only way I can do that is to get another man in my bed. Meaning I have to betray Auric, something I never want to do.
Only my magic keeps demanding, my magic keeps betraying me. Feeling attracted to the other guy, not wanting to betray Auric I keep fighting the feeling.

How am I going to love Auric and safe us all without destroying something so important to me. Am I ready to let somebody else in, take the risk and save the world?
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Tenacity, Rise of the Iliri

TenacityTenacity, Rise of the Iliri book 5 by Auryn Hadley.

The Black Blades defected to Anglia, the law that state that any Iliri who choose to relocate to Anglia can do so without consequences are in place. And that is what the Black Blades needed and what Anglia and Viraenova wanted. Now Salryc has a crown and way to help her people.
The CFC doesn’t like this and are pissed off, not wanting an alliance with the Anglia any more, Anglia moves on.

After securing a small town and found almost everyone death, only in a basement of a building they find someone. A girl, with red curls, one ice blue and one pale amber eye sits in a cage.
Scared and with a power nobody ever seen in an Iliri. Sal helps her out of the cage al to aware of what that does to you. Knowing how it is to be a slave, to be caged and treaded like something disgusting. Shaden, the girl starts trusting Sal and they take her back to the camp, giving her a safe place to stay. Giving her the choice of living with them or doing whatever she wants, something called freedom.

They are planning on liberating a city that is been enslaved by the Emperor’s reign.
Only this city is thought to be impenetrable, nobody goes in or out and that is a problem if they want to save everyone inside the city.
They figure out a plan, to get inside, open the gates. And Shaden, still shy and scared with so many man around her becomes their secret weapon, showing how powerful she is.

Every time they win, Sal listens to the people they saved and how she was too late, didn’t save everyone. She can’t sleep, doesn’t eat and keeps on fighting, trying to save everyone.Read More »

Oath Forger, book two

oath forger 2Oath Forger book two by Nia Mars.

It isn’t easy to pretend to be the Oath Forger, not when four of the Five men demand my attention, not when they want me to claim them and believe me, they are gorgeous. Saying no keeps getting harder and harder.

The only thing I know for sure is, to make the Earth save again, that my sister stays save and that I don’t get caught pretending to be the Oath Forger. Because I’m not, I’m a scavenger from earth.

Still pretending to be something I’m not I try to find my way in their world, trying to settle into being the Oath Forger so I can help my world and the universe. Only how am I going to resist the most powerful kings I ever met. How am I going to do this?

Finally finding some answers, I find something else to. Space Pirates….. What are they up to now?

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Oath Forger, book one

oath forger 1Oath Forger book one, by Nia Mars.

The earth isn’t the same any more, people try to survive on a planet where there is nothing more but barren land. A girl tries to survive with her sister, scavenging around their home to find things they could sell to make a living for themselves.

Only one day everything goes wrong and I’m being kidnapped by pirates. Not the one that used to come over the sea but the ones from space. Leaving my sister to fight for herself and me to find a way back to her.

How am I going to do that when the man from my dreams appears right before me and claims me as the Oath Forger. The person who is foretold to bring peace between the kingdoms of space. Protecting me from harm and taking me to Merim to meet the other man, or as they are called the Five. The five man rule a part of space and they are the presidents/kings/warlords from space, they are the Krek’s. And I’m thrown into this all without knowing what is happening, so I play along. Keeping myself safe, planning for an escape back to my sister and hoping that they don’t find out that I’m just a girl from Earth and not the Oath Forger like they claim me to be.

I really hope they don’t find out that I’m lying, I really need to go back to my sister and I can’t do that when I’m dead.

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