Demon Ash, Resurrection Chronicles three

Demon Ash (Resurrection Chronicles Book 3) (English Edition) van [Haag, M.J., Vincenza, Becca]Demon Ash, Resurrection Chronicles series book three. Written by M.J Haag and Becca Vincenza.

She is back on the surface and the world around her is nothing like she remembered. The cities are bombed and burned to the ground, they tried to kill the Hellhounds and the plague of zombies.
Only it didn’t work, there are still hellhounds roaming the earth and the zombies are smarter.
How will they survive this new world and find her family, if they are still alive.

Drav his whole family is now on the surface and are protecting Mya. She now knows the truth about them and needs to convince the other humans that they aren’t all bad and that the Fey can help them survive this. Will she ever be safe, back with her family and will her new family be accepted by the humans or will there be nothing left to fight for.Read More »


Demon Ember, Resurrection Chronicles one

Demon Ember (Resurrection Chronicles Book 1) (English Edition) van [Haag, M.J., Vincenza, Becca, Haag, Melissa]Demon Ember, Resurrection Chronicles series book one, written by M.j. Haag and Becca Vincenza

Zombies who had thought that they would be real. Not me, definitely not me.
Only after a series of earthquakes they become real. There are hounds running around my school and everyone bitten by them, dies, gets up and walks around like zombies.
And I need to get to my family, find them and get us safe.

So I try to get home, to Oklahoma City, to my family. Only to be attacked by a different creature then the hounds. How will I ever reach my family when everything around me kills.

Only the creature before me doesn’t kill me. He looks more human than I first thought and plans on keeping me close. He protects me from the hounds and helps me getting home. Only he doesn’t want me home he wants me safe and his idea of safe is different than mine.
Will I reach my family or will I be killed?Read More »

Stolen by an Alien

Stolen by an alienStolen by an Alien written by Amanda Milo.

I saved a Gryfala from her buyers, better said I stole her from her buyers. I did a good thing, she screamed for help and I found her.
Only there is one thing, she doesn’t look like a Gryfala, she doesn’t sound like it or acts like one. And I can’t understand her. What is she and why am I reacting like this, protective and possessive.
I need to bring her back to her home and get back to my life.

I was saved, luckily on time, by an alien. I know, it can’t get any stranger. Okay maybe, I’m not on Earth anymore and I don’t know where I am. Only that I woke up in an action pen, got sold and now I’m here with this guy, if you could call it a guy.
Now I need to find a way to get home and too make him stop calling me Princess, because I’m not that, will never be and certainly never going to happen. I’m human and I want to go home.

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Twisted Prophecies: The Gifted

Book 4 in the Alternative Futures, Twisted Prophecies: The Gifted by Averi Hope and Lacy Carter Andersen. While like the one before this does not occur in the same future, but a different one that still involves earth and humans as its focal point. Twenty years ago an alien space ship crash landed on earth sending out a virus that infected certain people driving many of them to death. Kaci has no choice but to drive everyone away in order to keep order in her home to allow the virus in her head to have some control. The government has issued a draft for women around the world that will be required to fight the incoming alien invasion.  Women are selected if they can pass a test.  When the military comes for Kaci’s sister, she tells them to take her instead as her sister already had served the government and lost her leg in that war. Kaci passes the test and gets to go into training to be come pilot in the upcoming conflict.

Seer is on a ship in space heading towards the a planet where he is tasked with finding brides for the other men of his race.  Years before a virus killed off most of the women and now the species requires women from similar species in order to procreate. Seer is unable to shift so that makes him a Tier Two and uneligible for a mate of his own.  But Seer has the ability to see the future and in that future he sees a beautiful woman with bright blue eyes that he knows is meant to be his mate.

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Oath Forger, book two

oath forger 2Oath Forger book two by Nia Mars.

It isn’t easy to pretend to be the Oath Forger, not when four of the Five men demand my attention, not when they want me to claim them and believe me, they are gorgeous. Saying no keeps getting harder and harder.

The only thing I know for sure is, to make the Earth save again, that my sister stays save and that I don’t get caught pretending to be the Oath Forger. Because I’m not, I’m a scavenger from earth.

Still pretending to be something I’m not I try to find my way in their world, trying to settle into being the Oath Forger so I can help my world and the universe. Only how am I going to resist the most powerful kings I ever met. How am I going to do this?

Finally finding some answers, I find something else to. Space Pirates….. What are they up to now?

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Claiming Their Mate

Claiming Their Mate: a Sci-Fi Alien Dark Romance (Tharan Warrior Menage Book 5) by [Dane, Kallista]Book 5 in the Tharan Warrior Menage series by Kallista Dane is a standalone, happily ever after story.  It does help to have read the previous books, but it is not a requirement.  Though I totally would say to you know what is going on.  Delta along with others from her crew where taken by pirates and sold into different forms of slavery.  Delta the previous first mate of an all female crew was sold to the leader of the planet Borvaan into his thousand plus strong harem.  She is a fighter and doesn’t want to be forced into the service of the Borvaan emperor. After having been there a while, Delta along with four other women from different planets are presented before the emperor.  At this meeting identical twins are there as diplomats to their home world of Tharan. Zandyr and Zhynn are on a secret mission to find out what the Borvaan empire is doing and also to rescue Delta, friend to their commanders wife. But whats different is that Tharan males are destined to be with only one woman, and it seems that their destined mate is Delta, whether she wants that or not.  The twins are dominating, expecting complete submission to them.  But the humans and the Tharans are different.  Can the three make their relationship work or will Delta not be able to handle it.  When rumors come the they are in trouble, Delta tries to save the twins with dire consequences.

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Mortal Flames

Mortal Flames: The Magical (Alternative Futures Book 3) by [Hope, Averi, Andersen, Lacey Carter]

Book three in the Alternative Futures series Mortal Fire: Species The Magical by Averi Hope and Lacey Carter Andersen. This book does not have anything to do with the previous books in this series, but seems be in a more modern time as of now.  The story follows two people from the alien race the Elementias that have been forced to flee their own planet after it was dying.  They have been on a ship traveling through space towards a blue planet that they hope to eradicated the existing life and take it for themselves. The story begins with Saura as she prepares to leave the Garden of Virtue, a ship in the fleet that houses all of the females. In this species the females come into a heat that get all of the men riled up where they have to mate with the woman.  Though this race has one mate for each group.  Saura was promised to Raiden, but hasn’t seen or heard from him in over two years. Saura leaves the Garden to return to the main ship and prepare to join with Raiden, but when she arrives she learns that he isn’t on the ship and in fact has been missing for two years.  But her father has an idea as to where he is and sends Saura that to bring him home and give her the chance to mate with the man she is meant to be with.

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