Night of the Drakoryans

Night of the Drakoryans: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy by [Sinclair, Ava] A standalone in the Drakoryans series that looks at a character introduced in Fire Bride. Night of the Drakoryans by Ava Sinclair happens before Lyla is taken by her dragons by a few years.  Syrene was happy to be picked.  She looked forward to dying and not having to live her previous life. But when she thinks that she has been robbed of her own death she decides to take it on the first person that she see. Edrys thought that their new bride would be happy to get to become a lady of their manner.  Little did they know the abuse that Syrene went through at the hands of her step mother and her weak father. Syrene fights Edyrs upon waking up, prompting a discourse between he and his two brothers Xarsi and Nyron. The two find out from their oracle about her horrid past.  The witches grant the brothers an extended night in order to woo Syrene or else their line will die out.

Syrene has to learn how to live her life without the constant harassment from her step mother and the rest of her village.  Can Syrene come to terms with not only liking herself but also learning to love and be intimate with three Dragon Lords?

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Born of Embers

Born of Embers: Phoenix Rising Book One by [Wylde, Harper, Arthurs, Quinn]Born of Embers: Phoenix Rising Book One by Harper Wylde and Quinn Arthurs is a different look at shifters. Nix has been hurt and beaten and even murdered by her father Michael.  But no matter what he does to her, she doesn’t die, she is just reborn to her body completely healed.  Something her insane abusive father loves. But now that Nix is 18 she is ready to leave an go to college as far from Orlando, Fl as she can get. And that distance is all the way to Anchorage, Alaska at the University of Alaska. She flees in the middle of the night and boards a plane with two bags to her name and a little money saved and high tails it away.  She is very much an introvert and freaks out if people touch her or even brush up against her.

Nix has never really had friends, and now has to live with someone else.  Her new roommate seems a little different too and always has three guys around that she seems awful close too, but Nix doesn’t question it.  That is until her roommate makes the comment about her being like them. But Nix has no idea what they are talking about.  She guessed that their were other supernatural type people out there but she doesn’t even know what she is.

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The Wife Lottery

The Wife Lottery: Fallon (Six Men of Alaska Book 1) by [Hart, Charlie, Seabrook, Chantel]A new release from Charlie Hart and Chantel Seabrook, The Wife Lottery: Fallon takes place in a not so pleasant future. Female birth rates have declined and now women are considered and treated more like property than as people. In the lower 48, women are kept under strict watch in schools where they are trained to become perfect wives and tested for breeding abilities. But in Alaska it is supposed to be different. Women flee from all over to escape being sold like cattle to men to have some kind of freedom where they can be cherished.  The only catch, when a woman decides to come she joins the lottery where she is raffled to be the wife of six different men.  Each man has to front large amounts of money to join the lottery with the chance that he will be picked to share a wife and hopefully children with a woman.  Seems crazy, but the amount of men to women in the world has become 10 to 1, while in Alaska it is only 6 to 1, hence the six husbands that can protect and defend their one wife. Tia like many other women before her has fled to Alaska to escape her glided cage back in Seattle.  

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Gifted Connections Book 1

Gifted Connections: Book 1 by [Olivier, SM]Gifted Connections by S.M. Olivier has so much potential that falls flat from something super fixable. But a little on the story. Blake lives a life of hell. She has to not only work, but raise her sister since her deadbeat mom can’t do anything besides be drunk and high and bring home sleazy men that think it is acceptable to touch children. As a child after the death of her father, she began being able to talk to a boy in her head, but never knew if he was really real at first or just her way of coping with her father’s death. As time goes on she realizes that he is out there someplace.  He became her only friend and true confidant.

But at 17, her life is a wreck, but she tries to hide it as best she can, never wanting to draw attention to herself. The one thing that is her light is her music.  Blake is gifted and music is her real voice.  When her home life gets to really bad, a teacher, Jace, intervenes. Blakes learns that there is more to her, though in a way she has always know.  She can tell people what to do and they will listen to her without fail. A handy skill to have when you have to fight off your moms boyfriends.

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Damaged by R.R. Banks is the story of what happens after. Charlotte is unlike her sisters.  She doesn’t just want to settle down and get married and have children.  But her father and mother (especially) don’t understand why not.  She use to date Daniel, and was lucky to escape, even though her mother thinks that Charlotte is overly dramatic.  When her parents, who are considered to be new money, decide to take a family trip to the mountains to celebrate Thanksgiving, Charlotte agrees thinking it will be time spent with her family.  Little does she know that her mother has gone behind her back expecting her to be excited that her abusive and lying ex is there.  Charlotte packs her bag and heads out into a severe storm unsure of how to get off the mountain.  She ends up driving the opposite direction heading up the mountain where she hits a downed tree knocking herself out.  On the mountain above her, Micah lives away from human interaction after selling his software company.  It’s just him and his dog Scout.  But when he hears the crash, he investigates and finds Charlotte unconscious and brings her back to his home. When she finally wakes up, Charlotte can’t remember who she is or why she would have been in the car.  But Micah knows who she is.  He had a crush on her when they went to high school together, even though they haven’t seen each other in over 10 years.  Micah withholds that he knows Charlotte, worried that he can’t answer questions that she would have. With Thanksgiving days away will anyone even notice that Charlotte is missing?  Or has the world just become Charlotte and Micah keeping safe from the winter snow storm.

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Their Mate

The next book in the Daughters of Olympus, Their Mate takes a different spin then the first.  Co-authored by Charlie Hart and Anastasia James, Their Mate features the next of the sisters that have to be found.  Remedy has been living on the streets of Seattle attempting to survive after having experienced abusive and neglectful foster homes.  She steals to survive when she has to and has practically no one aside from a best friend, Sadie, that now lives in Alaska.  But when she gets an email from Sadie asking her to come and stay, Remedy finds away with the help of the local librarian to make it to Alaska.  Remedy realizes that her best friend is in a seriously abusive relationship, exactly like Sadie’s own mother, and tries to help her friend.  But when she takes it a little too far not knowing her own strength, she flees into the Alaskan wilderness. Not realizing all that is out in the wilderness is safe, a bear goes after Remedy where she is rescued by three wolves.  But as the bear flees, those three wolves become three handsome men.  Remedy thinks she has fallen into a dream and isn’t sure what is really anymore.  The three wolves take care of Remedy (in more ways than one) and show her that her life can be more than running away.

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