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Hi there,

We decided that were going to write a post about the books we read, where we found them and what our favorite was. The other website name is books, life, reading. And we want to give you something more personal then only the reviews.

I’m going to talk a little about the 24 post I placed from the moment we started. This are a lot of books, to be honest I almost like all the books I read. I never start reading books I don’t like. To choose between these books is hard and I don’t really know which one is my favorite.

So I’m first going to tell you something about me and my favorite genre.
I think you guessed it already, I really love fantasy. And then the magic, fae, witches, dragons kind.
I read other books to, I have, I think, read two thrillers and that was it, still other books….
Reading these kind of books are an escape for me, getting away from my life and getting some peace in my head. I can’t read any other genre because I just can’t.
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Eve of Eternal Night

Eve of Eternal Night (The Zodiac Curse: Harem of Shadows Book 1) by [Natusch, Amber Lynn]Eve of Eternal Night is the first in The Zodiac Curse: Harem of Shadows Book 1 by  Amber Lynn Natusch. Eve Carmichael is a chemistry major that seems to only be eeking by. She prefers to be alone and hates when people knows who she is.  Her father is a high end lawyer and her mother is a movie star.  Her father ignores her and her mother has been out of the picture since her parents nasty divorce. Her father’s solution for everything is to threaten legal action and Eve doesn’t care anymore. On her way home from a frat party, Eve sees a murder and freaks out. The next day at school, Eve is sent to a new advisor and from there to a new psychologist to help her with the break downs she keeps having. A group of 5 different men come into her life and start affecting her and opening her eyes to things that have been and things that could be. Each of the 5 guys have Eve in common especially since they are all so different.

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Mortal Flames

Mortal Flames: The Magical (Alternative Futures Book 3) by [Hope, Averi, Andersen, Lacey Carter]

Book three in the Alternative Futures series Mortal Fire: Species The Magical by Averi Hope and Lacey Carter Andersen. This book does not have anything to do with the previous books in this series, but seems be in a more modern time as of now.  The story follows two people from the alien race the Elementias that have been forced to flee their own planet after it was dying.  They have been on a ship traveling through space towards a blue planet that they hope to eradicated the existing life and take it for themselves. The story begins with Saura as she prepares to leave the Garden of Virtue, a ship in the fleet that houses all of the females. In this species the females come into a heat that get all of the men riled up where they have to mate with the woman.  Though this race has one mate for each group.  Saura was promised to Raiden, but hasn’t seen or heard from him in over two years. Saura leaves the Garden to return to the main ship and prepare to join with Raiden, but when she arrives she learns that he isn’t on the ship and in fact has been missing for two years.  But her father has an idea as to where he is and sends Saura that to bring him home and give her the chance to mate with the man she is meant to be with.

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Marked by Pain

Marked by Pain (The Marked Series Book 2) by [Rose, Cece, Bailey, G.]Book two Marked by Pain in the Marked Series by Gemma Bailey and Cece Rose. This book starts about where book 1 left off.  Kenzie has been taken hostage by her father and her brother to a secret location. She is being forced to consider using her 12th mark for the rebels gain. Kenzie doesn’t believe in the rebels cause and is doing everything that she can to resist.  While captured, Kenzie learns that she was betrayed by one of the men that she was coming to have feelings for. The betrayal by not only her brother but one of her guys starts to have an impact on Kenzie. She starts to pretend to go along since she keeps looking for a way to escape. It seems that everyone around her knows what the 12th power can do, but have been keeping it from Kenzie.  Who would betray her? Can the rest of her guys come to the rescue and save not only her, but can her brother be saved also?

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InstinctualInstinctual, Rise of the Iliri book two by Auryn Hadley.

This is the second time I’ve read these books, and I still love them, fell right into the story again. It felt like reading for the first time. So good job Auryn.

Sal earned her place in the Black Blades, no surprise with being full Iliri. She now needs to find it in herself to become the Kaisae that is not the only thing the CFC knows what they are.
Now she needs to find her place in her family, how to make it work with two lovers and one being her superior, show the CFC how good they are without being hanged. And the humans aren’t happy about it. They get kicked in the back many times and they only want to protect what is theirs. And keep Terric from their doorsteps.

There is a bunch of steel heading to Angalia and they are the best to stop the load. Only the parliament thinks they can use this mission to let them fail, to show how bad the Iliri are and that humans are better. Not knowing that by doing so, they only strengthen the group of Iliri, making their bond stronger and their family more. They get the order to find two more Black Blades and finding them can be hard when everyone is working against you.

Then there is the part of her sleeping with Bleac and Jase and parliament is planning on meddling in her love life, because she has ears on her head and proves over and over that she is better than the humans. They keep throwing shit their way, keep trying to pull them down by not giving them more information over missions they need to do. Not only the bad intel makes it harder to work, they soldiers they have to work with, who hate them keep putting up road blocks, keep trying to get them in bad light keep trying to get them killed.

How are they keeping Terric from their doorstep, how are they fighting for their survival and those of all the other Iliri and crossbreds around, how are they going to fight against their own and make sure they all, human and Iliri survive.

Then there is her new mission, secure an alliance with Angelina, and this one is without her family. Only Jase to support her and no Blaec to fall back on. How is she going to do that?
They keep saying to Sal, trust you instinct, and listen to your instinct. We do what is natural.

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Shadow Wings

Shadow wingsShadow Wings, the Darkest Drae book two. By Raye Wagner and Kelly St. Clare.

We pick up after Ryn finds herself free from the king and the king is killed by Lord Irrik, better said lord Tyrrik. She finds out that Tyr and Ty are the same person and her world falls apart.
She trusted them and to find out that he, her worst nightmare, is the same person she fell in love with crushed her heart.

She tries to find her own place again in her world, tries to ignore the Drae lurking around.
And then a Phaetyn prince shows up, a really sexy prince. And that is not everything, when she comes into her powers, the emperor Draecon will know.
The prince offers her a safe place, a place to learn about her powers her Phaetyn side.
So they are going on a trip to find out where she belongs and Lord Tyrrik goes along.
He wants her to be safe, protected and keeps manipulating her, only is there more to it then him wanting to fulfil his goals….

Ryn doesn’t know who to trust, who speaks the truth or who only think about their own agenda’s.
Her life isn’t her own anymore and she needs to find a way to make it her own.
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Love the Sea

Love the Sea (Saved by Pirates Book 2) by [Bailey, G.]Love the Sea book 2 in the Pirates series by G. Bailey is a wonderful addition to Cassandra’s story. Cass has been taken by the king’s soldiers.  She and Livvy along with her dragon egg are on their way to court where she doesn’t know if she will live or die. While on the ship her dragon begins to hatch and Cass fears for the dragons life. Cass has Livvy throw her white dragon into the sea to keep her away from the evil king. Livvy is taken away and Cass is taken to the dungeon.  There she finds her best friend, father, and best friends mom from her home island.  She learns that she is to be entered into a game of a sort that the king watches for entertainment, where Cass has to survive and hope the rest of her family can too.  She learns the secret that the twins held to closely and why they were on their ship and the history of the chosen ones. Her pirates have come for Cass, but they have a secret that they never told and Ryland has Cass’ mark on his head. Each of the guys has come to help rescue Cass and bring her back with them away from the king. But can Cass survive the trials that the king puts her through and can her pirates save her?

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