Cece Rose

Cece Rose

1. What did you want to be when you got older? (would never say grow up cause who wants to do that)


2. Would you say you have a distinct writing style?

I just write how I speak, so other than my sarcasm and Britishness, probably not.

3. Do you have any hobbies?

Reading, writing, my dog. I also love to play borderlands.


4. Do you have a special place to write?

I either write in my office or on the sofa. (Couch for you Americans.)

5. Have you ever read a book you couldn’t finish? Why?

Lots. Life is too short to waste reading books that don’t keep you gripped. If I’m not hooked, I move on, no regrets.

6. Are you happy about the fame you have received being an author?

I wouldn’t say I have much fame, but maybe my readers would disagree. I find it unreal that I have a reader group and people join it. It makes me a weird mixture of happy and bewildered when people say I’m one of their favourite authors.

7. If you could change one thing about a book you wrote which book and what would you change?

No regrets. 🙂

8. Are you a morning person, afternoon, or night person?

Night Owl, definitely.


9. What is your favorite genre of books?

Urban Fantasy, but I like mine best with a reverse-harem twist.

10. Why did you start writing?

I’ve always liked to write, but my first book released in May 2017.

11. Where are you from?

**Looks out the window at the constant rain and gloom.** Yeah, I’m from England.

Flag of England from symbols of the United Kingdom and London

12. When you do a Co-writing, did you just say to the other writer, hey I like you let’s write something together?

We were friends, and I had a basic idea, but I wanted to write it with someone else. I mentioned wanting a co-author for the project, and she volunteered. We fit really well, and now we have lots of series planned. 🙂

13. Are you scared of anything?

I have anxiety. I am scared of everything. Especially people.

14. What would you say makes you you?

Coffee. I’m definitely not myself before coffee at least. 😛

15. Do you have any odd habits?

I could eat tomato ketchup on anything. Like anything.

16. Do you have pets?

I have 3 turtles, one dog, and one annoying boyfriend. (Yes, I do count him as a pet.)

17. If you could be reincarnated in an animal, what would it be?

A turtle.


18. If you made your own cocktail, what would be in it and how would you name it.

It would be everything alcoholic you could get your hands on, mixed and severed with ice. I’d call it everything on ice. After a few sips, you wouldn’t even notice how bad it tastes anymore.

19. With who would you be alone on an island for two months? Character of books included.

I’m a #whychoose kinda girl, so I would have the following:

Austin (Kit Davenport Series by Tate James)

Cole (Kit Davenport Series by Tate James)

Zeke (The Veil Diaries by BL Brunemmer)

Miles (The Veil Diaries by BL Brunemmer)

Silas (Seraph Black Series by Jane Washington)

….Okay, if I go on, this list will never end. But basically all 345600828 guys from my book boyfriend harem.

20. What is your favourite food?

Anything Mexican. I love it.

mexican food