C.M. Stunich

C.M. Stunich

  1. Where are you from?
  2. I grew up in the whimsical arms of the ancient sequoia—i.e. the redwood trees—in Northern California, an area called Humboldt County.  I then moved to Santa Cruz to attend college and then back to the Pacific Northwest to live in Eugene, Oregon.  I’m writing to you from Eugene’s smaller sister city, Springfield!Image result for california redwoods
    1. When you published your first book, how did that make you feel? And do you still feel the same with other books you published?

    When I published my first book, I was terrified.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it or if they’d even like what I was putting out there.  I feel the same way with every book, even though it’s been five years.  LOL.  I think it’s that artistic soul inside my chest, always wanting to create, always desperate to keep those creations close and keep them safe. 😉

    1. When you do a Co-writing, did you just say to the other writer, hey I like you let’s write something together?

    Nah, wine was involved for sure! LOL. Tate James, the only co-writer I work with at the moment, and I were joking about writing a romance about plumbers.  She emailed me a thousand words; I emailed back; she replied.  And then it was like, hey I guess this is happening and it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

    1. What is the funniest review you ever got.

    The one that makes me chuckle every single time is a one-star review on my co-written book with Tate James, Elements of Mischief, that says, ‘Nobody says snake my drain or plumb my pipes in real life!  That’s ridiculous!‘  Yes, ma’am.  Yes, it is. LOL

    1. Are you scared of anything?

    Besides the usual stuff—like losing loved ones—I’d have to say I’ve got a few standard phobias (spiders for example).  And then of course, there are the writer-specific ones.  Fear of letting my readers down.  Fear that I might not be able to do this as a full-time job forever.  Fear of failure.  Those sorts of things!  I’m also deathly afraid of authors Tate James and Amanda Rose—they shackle me in the writing cave and get stern when they catch me doing naughty things. =P

    Image result for fear of losing someone

    1. What would you say makes you you?

    Being a total weirdo.  Does that count?  LOL.  I think to create things; I get a million ideas a day and sometimes wish they would stop because there are too many to write down in a lifetime.  I’m addicted to paperback books and have too many cats, am obsessed with Thai food and have massive loads of empathy that make me cry over other people’s problems.  Also, I love Zelda games.  Just sayin’.

    1. What do you do when you are writing?Do you have any music on or movies/TV?

    This is a good question!  It totally depends on my mood.  I usually create a playlist on Spotify for every book I write, but sometimes I need complete silence … and sometimes I put on background shows or movies.  LOL.  I always have to have a beverage of some kind—iced tea, hot chocolate, Starbucks, soda.  That’s a definite must or I won’t get any work done!

    1. Are there days you wished to be a man and so yes why?

    Absolutely!  I’m a bisexual woman so basically that means I’m equally attracted to both genders.  I would definitely be down for turning into a dude and seeing what it would be like to have sex with men and women that way.  Plus, like, penis.  I want to have a penis for just a day or two.  Okay, so I’d take the power to switchback and forth in heartbeat.  I think that’d be heaps of fun!  I actually have a book coming out soon called He & She: The Orgasm Book.  It’s a contemporary romance where the main character, born a woman, finds out at age sixteen that when she orgasms, she switches genders from woman to man, and then back again.  It’ll be out in February of 2018!

    1. What is your favourite food?

    Right this second, I want to say Mongolian BBQ, like the big bowls with the noodles and the spicy sauce and the beef … yum.  But maybe that’s because I just ate some?  Hehe.  I’m obsessed with Pad Se Ew (a Thai food dish), Argentinian empanadas, and beef wellington.

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    1. What was the name of your first stuffed animal?

    For the life of me, I can’t remember!  But I did collect them!  I had soooo many, mostly in canine or feline form.  I was never a big fan of Teddy bears.  Back in the day, they all had names, titles, relationships to one another but all those memories have been replaced with all the book worlds I have crammed into my head now.

    1. What did you want to be when you got older? (would never say grow up cause who wants to do that)

    I hopped all over the place from veterinarian to doctor to FBI agent.  I knew I wanted to write—I always wrote—but I was told by so many people that it’s not a career choice and would never be, that I could only do it as a hobby.  Glad they were all wrong!

    1. Which is your favorite book that you have written?

    Oh no!  Don’t make me choose between my babies!  I think this is a toss up between Groupie and Pack Violet Shadow.  And I love them both for different reasons.  I’ve written over seventy books now, so I change my mind a lot of which one of my literary lovelies holds my heart.

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    1. Do you have a special place to write?

    Nah. 😉  I write on the couch, in my bed, in my office, in the reading chair, on an airplane, in a hotel room.  Basically, if I have my Mac, I’m good to go.  I have really bad tendonitis and carpal tunnel though so comfort is essential.

    1. Have you ever read a book you couldn’t finish? Why?

    The only way I will DNF a book is if there’s a graphic rape scene or if the characters/author say something so thoroughly offensive and out of context to the story that I can’t control myself.  But otherwise, even if I dislike a book, I make myself finish.  Two reasons: one is simple OCD and the other is that I feel there’s always something to be learned as a writer from every book, whether it’s a to-do or a not to-do.

    1. What is your favorite name to use for women’s and men’s sex organs?

    This is easy!  For women, these are my faves: cunt (because it has a bad rap and needs to be reclaimed by the female population), pussy, and wet heat.  For men, it’s basically only dick, cock, or shaft.  I’m not a huge fan of many others for dudes.

    1. How long does it take you to normally write a book?

    This varies drastically depending on the series, the genre, if I’m co-writing or not, and what my personal life is like.  Anywhere from a week to a month is normal—that’s without edits, of course, and loooong sixteen-or-more hour days.

    1. If when co-writing if you don’t like what someone writes, how do you handle it?

    LOL!!  I’ve only co-written with Tate James thus far, but this never happens.  We have an unspoken rule where we just roll with what the other person wrote and try to make it work.  If things need to be smoothed out in edits, we do that.  Plus, she’s super talented and we share the same brain a lot of the time, so this hasn’t happened to us yet and we’re three books in together now.

    1. Are you a morning person, afternoon, or night person?

    Hands down, a night person.  Always have been and I imagine always will be.

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    1. Do you think that Pluto is still a planet?

    Hmm. Yes, I do.  Because I was forced to memorize it as one as a child and well, that’s the way it’s gonna stay!

    1. Why did you start writing?

    Because I needed to, because I had to, because I couldn’t find another creative outlet that drained the inspiration and passion and thoughts inside my head out in a way that I connected to the way I connect to writing.  It’s a compulsion, a violently beautiful need that tears through me each and every time I sit down and place my fingers on the keys.

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