The who we are part.

Hello, so yeah we are two lady’s who love to read books. We love them so much that we decide to write about them. This will all be done in the form of a review and our honest opinion. So that you, as a fellow reader or crazy book nerd, can find out which book you want to start reading. We give you our honest reviews, so it can make it easier for you to choose. Only, don’t let us discourage you when we don’t like a book. We are just two people in a really big world, and we aren’t the same as you. So maybe you love books that we don’t like and the other way around.  If you find a great one and would like to share with us, check out the Contact page and let us know  We would love to read your book!

So a short introduction of one part of us


My name is Idonea, and I’m an addicted reader. I love to read, it gives me peace and a way to escape the world. I read mostly fantasy themed books, like RH books as well (reverse harem if you are new to the world). And from time to time a different genre like a soft thriller (this only happened once). I like books with a history theme, I always said if I fail in everything I’ll become a history teacher so…..

I’m Dutch, live in the Netherlands, and started reading English over five years ago and never stopped. I’m nice, or I believe I’m nice, like to laugh and are on my way to be a crazy cat lady. Luckily I have a boyfriend (the best in the world) to prevent that.

And here is the lovely, perfect (most of the time), great, awesome and funny Amanda…….

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Glad to know someone thinks I’m awesome. I, like Idonea, love to read it is my favorite hobby.  If it is a book I will often pick it up, though I am not that into horror. I just don’t get scared by it and usually find I know whats going to happen. I also love reverse harem, sci-fi, fantasy.  I also enjoy reading history and hold two degrees in it so I can be super picky when I read fiction with historical aspects, so be prepared.  I run a small business where I can let my crafty side out so it gives me the chance to read a lot.

I’m American and live in California.  I am working on learning German and Danish as those are two countries that I really want to visit, besides Japan. I know I can be silly and I have a pretty good kick back attitude.  I have cats and dogs and want more all the time.  Though my husband isn’t all about that all the time.