Protector (The Full-Blood Book 1) by [Nova, Serena]Protector is the first book in the Full Blood Series by Dutch Author Serena Nova.

Protector tells the story of Isadora, the last full blooded witch. And this is a problem.  Being the last full blood could put her life in danger, so as a child her grandmother forced her to hide her gifts before sending her to an elite school to train witches and Protectors.  Isadora’s grandmother knew that full blooded witches that didn’t know how to defend themselves were already dead. Isadora was able to conceal herself for 12 years before her best friend, the closet family she had, was threatened. So powers don’t stay hidden for long and unfortunately for Isa the wrong people saw what she could do. Now her only way on is to meet the 4 kings whether she wants to or not.

This was a fun read. This is a reverse harem so that does mean there will be more than one male interest, at the same time. I really enjoyed the character development of Isadora and how she was able to she the path that she needed to be on even if it wasn’t the path she wanted to be on in life. I want to live alone some days in the woods too.  The male main characters were dynamic and i loved how well Serena was able to present their different personalities. Each character was well defined and have so much potential to grow. As does Serena’s writing.  I look forward to the next book.

There were some grammar issues throughout, but with an author that\s first language isn’t English and then writes a book in English to share her story with the world, it isn’t that big of a deal. I do wish the editor would have caught a few more of the syntax issues, but it did not detract from the story at all.


Grab your copy of Protector here



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