The Wolf of Destruction, a dark reign

wolf of destructionThe Wolf of Destruction, a dark reign book one.
Written by Savannah Rose.

Going to do things a little different this time. If you want to read  what this book is about, check it out here.

Zombies, you know those guys who are dead but still walking around. They give me the creeps and nightmares. I can honestly say, I’m not a big fan of them and normally don’t pick up a book with them in it. Only this book was different.

In this book you find Shifters, Zombies and Humans in a dystopian world. And to be honest, this was great. I love the way the author builds this world. How we humans made the shifters and also made the zombies. Yeah, go humans, we are really terrible in reading signs…

What I liked about this book was that the female main character is human. Not some powerful shifter, no just human. And that the man in her life are shifters, they are the kind and the humans are kin. She has her own harem of shifter man, who support her and help her. But they don’t rule the land. It is all to keep a balance, and after the world falling to pieces they found out that this was the way to rule. With a human queen on top.

The writer did a good job of bringing this world to life, giving me the feel of being a part of it.
I love Savannah Rose her writing style, it is like reading on a cloud. So smooth and flowing. If you don’t know what I mean, it is like reading in a smooth breath that brings you a great story.

Everything was well thought off, and I loved how all the characters have depth and more to them than simple characters in a book, it made me feel connected to them. Myriana is an amazing person, I love to meet her and her man. Fenrir is great and strong, a great character in this book. You can feel the spark coming of the book with them.

I can for certain recommend you guys this book, if you like zombies, dystopian worlds, shifters and strong and powerful man and a strong leading woman. Let’s not forget the hot sex, it is still a reverse harem book. And without the sex they kind of get boring??

Go pick it up here and start reading. Enjoy this great written book.

Have a nice read,



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