Upheaval, Rise of The Iliri Book Eight

UpheavalUpheaval, Rise of the Iliri Book Eight.

Written by the amazing Auryn Hadley.

This book was amazing and it shows so much more of the characters. I love how she switch between almost all of them;how they all tell a part of the story, giving you a bigger view of the whole picture. This book is all about Merriton, her past and how she fights to overcome that past.

To be honest I expected a little more drama in it. A little more confrontation, still I don’t miss it. I liked that this book showed more of the rest, more of her pack. And that it still showed her that she is Iliri and not a god, like some bad guy thinks he is.

The world building is always amazing in Auryn books, and she didn’t disappoint. I missed a little more sexy times in this one, but that is fine also. I think it is an important book in the whole story of Sal, the book shows her that there is more to life then fighting and winning. It is an important part of her journey.

I’m a fan of Auryn, and I could keep talking about my love for Sal and these books. Because I love it, I miss Sal when I have to wait for another book to come out. I’m happy I can re-read them and relive the world Auryn build.

When somebody asks me, who is my favorite author, I always start with Auryn. I have a few but she is definitely in the top 10 and on top of that list too.

To be honest, I hope to be as good as her one day.

Go read this series, go enjoy this world.

And one more thing, and this sounds so cliché or stupid. But I don’t care. Because I love how this book inspired me to be better, to be more and to always and I mean always work to be the best version I can be of myself.

Go read, go enjoy this world, I hope you like it as much as I do.
Buy it here!

Have a nice read,



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