The Wasteland, Their Champion

WastelandThe Wasteland: Their Champion Book One, written by K.A Knight.

All the goldfish in the sea, this was so freaking amazing. I’m going to tell you something about this book in a moment, only first. Wow, I’m really really, you know really hooked. So here is the part about the book, but believe me, if you like – the world ended, dystopian kind of world – then you need to pick up this book and start, it is hot and amazing!

Fighting for you life when the world ended wasn’t something Worth thought she would be doing. After the world stopped being what we all knew, everything went to chaos. And now the strongest survive. Being taken away (and no not in the nice way) from her family and brought to the Wastelands to the North, Worth has to learn what it really means to fight for survival.

Becoming the Champion her story was carved in her skin, showing to everyone who she is.

Hiding from the world and her darkness. She spends her time drinking and hunting for the bad guys. Going from job to job and not giving a shit, until four newcomers find her and offer her a job she can’t say no to. More they force her into.

The job takes her back to her past, her nightmares and again she has to survive, to fight for what she wants and this time it isn’t her freedom. She now fights for something more, her happiness.

O’ my goldfish and chickens on a stick. It was so freaking amazing, I already said that. I found the book on one of the facebook groups I’m part of. And it is one of the best books I read these last weeks. I really love the MC, she is amazing, with her demons and nightmares she keeps fighting. I love the dark feel of the book and the roughness that is in that world. I like how she keeps fighting for good even when she doesn’t believe she has some in herself.

The man, really I started to drool, they are sexy and I mean sexy, the sparks fly from the book. It is a wonder my kindle didn’t catch fire. They are strong, loving and all of them have their demons. Something that you always will have in a world like that, nobody is a saint.

I love the world the writer build, amazing. I’m a real fan of this book, it is written so great and so smooth, it feels like you are sucked into that world. Amazing, I know I said that a lot only I mean it. I can’t wait for book two, and I will read this one again. I know that for sure.

Get your copy here and start this great adventure.

Have a nice read,



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