The Royal Trials, Imposter

theroyaltrialsimposterThe Royal Trials, Imposter.
Written by Tate James.

I have waited for this book for some time, and finally got the chance to read it today. And it was good, totally worth the wait.

You will meet Rybet Waise, a thief and a mercenary. She has to save a friend from the dungeons of the royal palace. Should be easy for someone with her skill set.

Only she finds herself pulled into the Royal Trials, a competition to find a wife for one of the princes. It should be easy to get out of there, right?
The trials aren’t what they look like to the outside, behind every smile and polished face there is a terrible truth. Because if you fail these trials, you don’t go home, you don’t even make it out of the palace alive.

When the harsh reality sinks in, Rybet needs every skill she has to stay alive.
She has to deal with people wanting her dead, her boss wanting her to succeed for his own goals and keeping herself alive to get out if this mess. How will she survive?

I loved it, yeah, I really did. It was such a fun book to read. I love the sassy Rybet. She knows what she wants and fights for it. The world building is great and I can see many twist and plots forming already. I kept guessing for some parts and with other parts I knew right away, ah that is this. Which made it fun when they came out differently then I thought. I love that in books, I like it when they can surprise me.

I love the story, how it is built, the man, the characters overall are great. And of course, you find some steamy moments in there, I can’t wait for the second book. Because that ending, O my freaking purple bunny’s and more. That was an ending, a cliff-hanger indeed. I don’t know what to say.

Go check it out here,

And have a nice read.



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