Possession: Curse of the Draekon Book Two by [Britt, Samantha] This review contains spoilers, what’s out with reading it.


Possession, Curse of the Draekon book two.
Written by Samantha Britt.

Finding out that your brother is part of the rebellion can be shocking, finding out that your parents who left you and you siblings to fend for themselves are the leaders of that rebellion, turns your world inside out.

That happened to Lissa, now being a hostage in the capital, totally alone and living a life full with rumours. She needs to be strong and keep her head high. How are you going to do that when the king returns, when you need to fight for your life.

Escaping with Prince Brion, she starts a journey. Finding out things about herself, about Brion and prophecies that would change their life’s. Where does she go when everything turns out to be a lie, when nothing is what it looks like. Can she save her siblings and herself?

I know I say that I love almost every book I read. But I do, I loved this one too. I read it in one breath and couldn’t put it down. Lissa grows in this book, she gets more confidence and she starts to learn to fight for what she wants. Brion is a dream man for me, wanting to do the best for Lissa and keeping her safe. I Love It.

I like who everything turns out, how the plots unfold and what happens. I’m really loving it, I know I said it a few times already, but I do. It is a beautiful world to stay in for a few hours. It is well written and I’m curious about the next book, can’t wait what will happen in the next.

Get your copy here and start reading!


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