Petting Them: An Anthology of Claw-ver Tails by [James, Tate, Stunich, C.M., June, Coralee, Royce, Rebecca, Bailey, G., Proserpina, Ripley, Jones, Stacy, Randall, Cecilia, Smoke, Lucy, Faulks, Kim]Many of our readers here might know CM Stunich (or you may have read her as Violet Blaze). She writes tons of amazing books that we have featured here.

She is an amazing human being who spends an incredible amount of time rescuing cats and dogs from horrendous circumstances and nursing them back to health in her home. She runs a nonprofit to do this.

CM Stunich has made several trips to Texas (from Oregon) to rescue kittens from a kill shelter which still uses a gas chamber on their animals! She drove, 30 something hours each way, then brought them all back to her home in Oregon where she has footed tens of thousands in vet bills to get them healthy and fit for adoption. Several died thanks to the horrific abuse they’d suffered at the hands of this “shelter” but she still went back and picked up another 15 to save the next week.

A few great authors were moved by her dedication to the floofs so have teamed up to create an anthology of animal themed RH books which can raise money for all the costs associated with CM’s rescue, which she has named Pacific North Pets.



If you pre-order this book post a picture here to be entered to win a special prize for this great charity.


The closer that we get to the release of the book, I (Amanda) am going to have a small auction of a few of the items that I make to raise money to go towards this great charity.

Here are two of the items (colors may vary) that will be available for auction.  You can check more out at my Facebook Page Overly Eclectic to see more.

Image may contain: drink          Image may contain: drink



Possession: Curse of the Draekon Book Two by [Britt, Samantha] This review contains spoilers, what’s out with reading it.


Possession, Curse of the Draekon book two.
Written by Samantha Britt.

Finding out that your brother is part of the rebellion can be shocking, finding out that your parents who left you and you siblings to fend for themselves are the leaders of that rebellion, turns your world inside out.

That happened to Lissa, now being a hostage in the capital, totally alone and living a life full with rumours. She needs to be strong and keep her head high. How are you going to do that when the king returns, when you need to fight for your life.

Escaping with Prince Brion, she starts a journey. Finding out things about herself, about Brion and prophecies that would change their life’s. Where does she go when everything turns out to be a lie, when nothing is what it looks like. Can she save her siblings and herself?

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Curse of Iron

Curse of Iron (Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles Book 1) by [Miers, D.D., Knox, Graceley]Curse of Iron, the first in the Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles by author team D.D. Miers and Graceley Knox.

Morgan Silk is a hybrid, the daughter of the Fae Storm King and a witch.  Her mothers family wants her dead. Morgan wakes up with a dead body in her bed, realizing that it is the Alpha of the local shifter pack.
While trying to figure out who framed her she learns that the Alphas best friend and right hand, Grayson Xenos is tailing her. He is a jaguar shifter and proved so different then she thought. The enemy that is after Morgan has a nasty streak for her and is out to take all that she has, but mainly her life.  Can she and Grayson figure out who not only killed his Alpha, but also who is trying to kill Morgan.

And while they search can their relationship change from suspicious to intimate.Read More »


Chosen: Curse of the Draekon Book One by [Britt, Samantha]Chosen, Curse of the Draekon Book One.
Written by Samantha Britt.


Living in world where the Draekon rule, it sounds amazing. Only not when you live in Caldiri.
Lissa Allaway is the only healer in Caldiri, the poorest region in the continent. Here she tries to survive with her siblings.

Only she is recruited to serve those creatures the Draekon. Going to the one place she fears the most, living between the Dreakons in their capital. Working for those cruel creatures only to find out that not everything is as it seems.  

Still a rebellion is brewing in the depths of the country, not everyone wants to believe the truth.
How will she survive this? She has so much questions, only you don’t always want to hear the answers.

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