Fallen Academy, Year one.

Fallen academy year oneFallen Academy, Year One.
Written by Leia Stone.

There are two fates now, you become Demon gifted or Angel blessed. And both will seal your fate.
When the Angels came down from Heaven to fight the Demons who came up from Hell the world changed. The humans got infected by one or the other and they started to change.

To find out if you are Demon gifted or Angel blessed you go through an awakening, find out your powers and go to the according school. Tainted Academy for the demons and Fallen Academy for the ones who are touched by Angels. Only this isn’t that simple for Brielle, because on her awakening ceremony she gets wings, not the normal white and shiny wings. No, black feathered wings.

Everyone expect her to go to the Tainted Academy, because when she was younger she sold her life to a Demon. It saved her father but it made her a Demon slave.
Only never did she expect to end up in Fallen Academy, after having an fallen Angel fight for her.

Now she is in the school where everyone is a free soul except her. And she needs to work hard to keep her place, being trained by the most handsome and amazing celestial teacher should be great, amazing and perfect. Only not when he is the biggest ass in the world and hates her for being a Demon slave. How do you survive a world where you are the freak, even with Angels and Demons roaming around.

I like Leia Stone her books and her writing style. I love that it is about Demons and Angels. It is something different than shifters or witches. Still you have them in these books only with a more Demon twist or Angel twist. I think I read this book in on breath, it sucked me in and kept me in the world of Brielle and Lincoln. I like the twist and turns, how Brielle is this powerful woman who knows what she wants, her love for her family and friends and her will to do right.
It is nice to read how she grows already in this first book and that making friends even when you are the freak is still possible. I’m looking forward to book two and can’t wait to start reading it.

I like Leia her writing style and the way she creates her worlds. If you like a fun read, with something different and a really nice heroine, get this book here and start.

Have a nice read,



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