Viking Queen

VikingqueenViking Queen, Her Warriors Book One. Written by Savannah Rose.

Finding out that you are in the wrong place is scary. Finding out that you have to save a world you never knew of is shit loads of scary. And that is what happens to Rhea. Finding out that the world around you isn’t the world where you supposed to be, is shocking. Finding out that you have four handsome, amazing, Viking man waiting for you somewhere else, yeah that is nice and the best part of it all.

She needs to save a world from a sister she never knew she had. Safe people she never knew needed saving and find her own powers while doing that. Luckily, she has her four men with her, to help her survive this all. To find her destiny.

I liked the book, it has a really nice flow to it all. It brought me to that world and kept me there without being too overpowering, like some books can be. It was like reading while you are sailing on the sea with calm waters all around you, it was smooth.

Rhea is a really nice person and I love that she takes it all without being too stubborn or making things difficult. Sometimes I found her a little too much go-with-the-flow kind of person, but yeah what would you do. I love that she finds her man and then has to fight for them, not the other way around. She knows what she wants and she trust her instincts. Which I love, I always hope I’m a trust my instincts kind of person.

I loved the writing style and I like the world that is created here. I have a weakness for Vikings, this book was a fun read and I’m going to read other books of Savannah Rose, I like her stories.

Get your copy here and go read.

Have a nice read,



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