Gene Born: Awakening

Gene Born: Awakening (The Koci Hybrid Series Book 1) by [Griffin, Lilly]Gene Born: Awakening is the Prequel to the Koci Hybrid series by Lilly Griffin. Earth is going to hell. Politicians didn’t listen to the scientist and global warming and war among other things has begun to make Earth inhospitable.  So the brightest minds from the world have come together in order to save humanity. Ships spaced out over years are planned to help the world start again. To preserve humanity men and women aged 18-25 have been taken from all over the world and put into cryosleep.  They have been told that they are going off planet to help save everyone. But those seven million people had 

been lied to. Instead they have been used to experimented on and augmented. Their bones have been altered, their looks, even their DNA. They have had experiments run and they had never been the wiser.  That is until the final ships are getting ready to leave and the scientist and military need to know how their experiments are holding up, and what kind of pain and torture they can take.

When Sloan comes too she has no control over her body, her voice, even her bowels.  She was implanted with an AI hooked up directly to her brain that controls everything she does. But Sloan is resourceful and starts learning how to work around her AI and take back control of parts of her brain.

While learning with her new found knowledge and abilities, Sloan is able to reach out to 

other test subjects and starts to work out a way to escape with them. In her discovery of others, she learns that the facility she is at has captured aliens from another galaxy. Can she and her new found friends escape or are they just forever mindless controlled bodies?


I enjoyed the story and how it flowed.  There were a lot of unanswered questions that I hope will be answered in the first book.  While the writing was good, the tense in the book changed sentence to sentence and it really pulled me out of the story.  Knowing that this is the authors first release I know it happens, but I wish it was something that the editors caught. But don’t let that stop you from reading it.  The story had a really good build up and the characters introduced were super interesting. Sloan is a great female character and since the actions of the story occur to her and around her without her having a lot of say, her processing is great. Check out the prequel and look for my review of the first book coming soon.






Check out the Prequel – Gene Born: Awakening here.


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