Moonbeams and Wolf Dreams

Moonbeams & Wolf Dreams: Children of Selene Book 1 by [Louise, Sarah]

Moonbeams and Wolf Dreams the first in the Children of Selene by Sarah Lousie. Aylin was found by her adopted fox shifter father in the hollowed out base of a large oak tree.  She has forever been seen as prey in the pack she was raised in. The Alpha a nasty man that would sooner kill someone then ever help anyone. But soon it is time for Aylin’s first shift. Since she doesn’t know who her parents are, she has no idea what she could turn into for the first time.

But that is the least of her worries.  The Alpha has taken an interest in her, and Aylin does not reciprocate.  He plans to take her after her first shift figuring that she will be easy prey as she acts like she is submissive. Aylin and her father have already created a plan to get her off of pack lands after her first shift on the moon after her 25th birthday.

A nearby pack comes to attend the ceremony and as Aylin is blessed by Selene the shifter goddess, she turns into a large white wolf. Commotion breaks out and the Alpha of the visiting pack claims her as his mate (her wolf agrees) and an argument ensues as her current pack leader plans to use her might for his own.

Aylin is able to flee off pack lands and finds herself in a hotel where she learns that her new mate will be coming. But that isn’t all.  In dreams given to her by the Goddess Selene she will have 5 mates. All of the first of their kind turned by Selene to make the shifters what they are.

Aylin has a destiny, but can she fulfill it and help all shifter kind?

This was a cute story.  I really liked it. The only thing that I had a hard time with was that the tenses kept changing from past to present and on occasion a character would make a claim about something, then pages later it would seem the opposite of what was said.

I enjoyed the writing and how the characters interacted together.  The story was not what I had expected (in a totally good way) and the writing style is clean and easy to follow with.  The five guys that are the original shifters seem really interesting and I hope that we learn more about their pasts (we did start too, now I just hope for more). I look forward to the next book in the series.


Check out Moonbeams and Wolf Dreams here.



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