Strength (Curse of the Gods Book 4) by [Washington, Jane, Eve, Jaymin]Strength the fourth book in the Curse of the Gods series by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington. Willa is now as she puts it one of the undead, she isn’t really, but that’s how she explains how she could be stabbed, brought to Topia and still be alive. In order to become a god, the Sol would have to be blessed by Staviti and well Willa sure wasn’t. So along with her 5 Abcurse men, Willa is hiding out in one of Cyrus’ homes.  Through trusting him isn’t easy as he is the one that stabbed her in the first place.

While in hiding, Willa and the boys get to go see a special visitor.  The guys mother is home after having been away for a long time. Willa is excited and nervous to meet her as she is the goddess of Beauty and her mens mom.

But while there, the six learn that Staviti has decided on a meeting where all gods must attend.  At this meeting they learn that all Beta gods will be forced to teach Sol’s with similar abilities.  Staviti claimed that Topia could no longer hold any more gods, but wanted to see if they could create a third after the Beta.  

All of the guys are forced to go, and where the Abcurses go, Willa goes too.  No one knows that she died yet, so the guys hope to use it to their advantage.

But with Willa do things ever go as planned?

Amanda: I love this series. I like that now the steam factor has amped up, after the last book.
Idonea: I love the books too, and I’m happy to read more sexy parts. It was something we all looked forward too.

A: Each of the guys are so well written and grow in who they are from the first book to this one. The changes started out subtle but now their personalities are really shining through.
I: It gives them more depth and you can relate more with them. I like how they are towards Willa how they show their love for her. And how they seduce her, sounds like fun.


A & I: Willa always makes us laugh, we both like her and her lovable personality. She is growing into a person that wasn’t just clumsy or uneducated. Her way of seeing things is just different and we like that.


A: Hands down Cyrus is awesome. I loved getting to see a different side of him from the previous books. And how he interacts with Emmy is hilarious.

I: I find it great that they put more Cyrus in the books and that Emmy lets Willa go and find her own path. I love Emmy and how she reacts to Cyrus and that she sees Willa as a grown woman end not her baby sister.


I: I loved the book and this was one of my favorites of the series, the plots and turns and all the secrets that are coming out. Which we all tried to guess and some of us were correct and others way off.


A: Knowing that the book is written by two authors, it’s great to see just another book that is constant and flows so well.  

Pain is due out soon, and I know that I don’t want the series to end.  But I’m sure that it will be just as great as this one.


Grab your own copy of Strength here.


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