Bane of Dragons

Bane of Dragons (Sera's Curse Book 1) by [Hartley, Clara]

Bane of Dragons, Sera’s Curse book one. Written by Clara Hartley.

Touching someone is something you do every day, only not for me. When I was nine I touched someone and he almost died. My touch gave him pain, excruciating pain. That is my curse and it is something I have to live with. If I touched someone with dragon blood they would feel the pain and everyone here has dagonblood, because I live in a world with dragons.

My curse made my family cursed too and I was shunned away, even my own family hates me. And there is nothing I can do about, except getting their respect, working hard and make sure I’m never being shunned again. So I need to be someone important someone that people will look up to. A vote that would change everything was coming up and I need to do anything to win it. Everything seems to go great and I’m finally happy.
Until I walked into the four hidrae princes, dragon-shifters of the most powerful kind and my touch doesn’t harm them. After so many years not touching someone their touch is intoxicating.
Now I need to choose because being associated with them can ruin all my changes on winning.
Only those princes, they keep drawing me back, I can’t get rid of them and maybe I don’t want to.

I really really liked this book, I found it on one of the fb pages and I said there that I hoped that this book would be good because most books I read are okay or just fun. And I’m so happy to tell you that this was so good, I really hated the fact that I finished the book and I have to wait until august.
Still I love waiting on good books and love reading more of the characters.
I like the MC Sera, I like that she isn’t the fighting type, the look at me how good I’m with these swords, I like that she is different and that she needs to relay on her other talents like her mind.
That she is cursed is a fun thing and I want to know why she is like that, why the princes are reacting to her like this, I can’t wait how it all goes further.
I like the writing style and how the story flows. I love the world Clara build and how everything works in that world. I can related to so much in this book and would love for living in it. The book has a steady pace and is a real slow burn reverse harem, which is fine only I missed a little more spark in that department. Still hoping for the next book. I really liked it, and I can’t say it enough. Thank you Clara Hartley for writing this you made my day.
Get your copy here,
Have a nice read.


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