Their Sacrifice

Their Sacrifice: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 2) by [Michaels, Jazz]Their Sacrifice, Utopia Inc Book Two by by Jazz Michaels.

Valda remembers and with that come new struggles. She needs to find out how to get back.
Luckily she has her men around. Andreas, Hatch, Oz and Dirk all fight for her, stand by her and help her to solve this puzzle they are in, over and over they will help. Only time is running out, she needs to escape, she needs to find her way home.

When things get harder and problems get bigger she finds a solution, only not everyone is happy with the answer she has to the puzzle. Knowing what she needs to do will bring more problems and not knowing what will be there for her on the other side makes it all harder.
With her man by her side she starts fighting, will she survive and who will survive with her?

I liked Their Memoriam and I’m in love with Their Sacrifice. This book was good and so much happened in it. It keeps you turning page after page after page, you want to know how it ends.
The writing style is great and I how it is most from Valda her point of view and that you find a few chapters from one of the man’s point of view. It gives the book more depth and perspective.
The plots and turns are great and keep you excited, it kind of feels like an emotional roller-coaster and that is great when a book gives you strong feelings while reading it.
The writer captured the characters so good that you can related to them, you can place yourself in them and live this book through them. Not only reading it, I sort of lived the book. Started reading and read it in one breath and I’m so glad I picked up these books.

The story gets better and better and I can’t wait for the last book, still I’m really sad about the fact that that will be the last book. I have mixed feelings about that. I want to know what happens next and I want to read further in this amazing place, only I want to know how it ends, what kind of twist and turns there will be and of course if there will be a happy ending, because this is the first series I don’t really know if one will be there. But for now, read the books they are great and Jazz is an amazing story teller, an amazing world builder and just a great writer.


Have a nice read,




Check out Book two here.


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