Shadow Kissed

Shadow Kissed: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Witch's Rebels Book 1) by [Piper, Sarah]Shadow Kissed the first in The Witches Rebels series by Sarah Piper. Gray is in hiding.  Hiding from her past and hiding from hunters that want to kill witches. Gray fled her home in New York after her foster mother was killed by witch hunters.  She fled and arrived outside of Seattle where she was rescued from near death by four friends. Ronan and Asher, the demons, Emilio the cop shifter, and Darius the vampire. When Gray came too after weeks of being delirious, she could only remember Ronan and not the other guys.  But those guys still looked out for her.

On a delivery for her job in the middle of the night to take blood to the local vampire club, Gray stumbles upon a girl being held against her will by a sleazy human that is attempting to rape her. Gray tries to stop the attack but is attacked in response. As Gray is being hurt by the attacker, the young girl jumps on the guy and he tosses the girl across and she hits her head. Gray keeps fighting and the guy realizes that the girl is dying and flees. Gray tries to help the girl but loses connection with the lock that she had on her magic and taps into a part of her magic she never knew she had. She pushes the soul of the girl back into her body, but the girl doesn’t come back to life but is more like a zombie.

Gray hides what she did when she returns home to her house and apartment. But on the next day when she returns to the scene of the crime, Darius meets her outside knowing what she did the night before. Gray goes into his bar and they start to build up a relationship. Ronan comes for her and the two walk home where she finds her best friend dead in bed.  Without knowing why, Ronan calls the local supernatural cop, Emilio to investigate.

Can Gray find out what happened in her past and the role each of the guys has played in her life. And can she find out what has happened to her best friend and other witches around the world.


I liked this first book in the series. It was an enjoyable read. Gray is a little wacky, but her magic is interesting.  I liked the inclusion of the Death in the story. Gray tries so hard and is willing to work for what she wants.  I like her personality even when it conflicts with others. Each of the guys is extremely interesting, and are all so different. Even with Asher and Ronan being both demons,  I liked how different they where really all. The complexity of the four guys and their relationships with each other and with Gray. I am looking forward to the next book.

Check out Shadow Kissed here.


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