Cursed by Night

Cursed by Night: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (Her Dark Protectors Book 1) by [Walt, Jasmine, Stark, Emma]Cursed by Night the first in Her Dark Protectors by Jasmine Walt and Emma Stark. Ace Bisset is a homicide detective in Philadelphia, Pa.  But  not just a typical homicide detective, Ace specializes in the cases that are strange or weird, even unsolvable.  She has made it her job to find what happens to those that are killed with “special circumstances.” Her newest case involves the body being drained of blood and bones missing.

Ace has just inherited her Aunt Mary’s house in rural Pennsylvania.  When she goes out to the house for the first time, she sees the four large gargoyle statues on the porch and roof. Ace beings to explore the house when she hears sounds on the roof as dusk breaks. When she goes to explore she is face to face with four large men and their wings. The gargoyles after over a thousand years has been woken up.  The guys have no idea why they are now awake but that Ace is the reason. The four gargolyes use to be Templars and were cursed over a thousand years before.

Ace is called into work the same night for another murder. While there, she goes to investigate the surrounding area when she is attacked by three men with glowing red eyes.  As she is attacked she is hurt and somehow calls the gargoyles to her.  She learns that the men that attacked her are actually vampires and that they are babies attacking people throughout the area.

Can Ace find out who is behind the new vampires and help the gargoyles to find a solution to their curse?


This is a fun read. Ace is a badass female main character that has little fear of everything. She is strong and forceful.  Each of the guys are interesting and the explanation of why their wings are the way they are might be my favorite part of the book.  The descriptions in the book are well done and the locations are well thought out. I really love Jasmine’s books and how she writes. With the addition of Emma, the two authors blend well together without it seeming as two people writing.  Check out this newest reverse harem by these two lovely ladies.


Check out Cursed by Night here. 


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