Slayer (Dragon Tamer Book 1) by [Culican, J.A., Armitage, J.A.]Slayer, the first in the Dragon Tamer series J.A. Culican and J.A. Armitage. Julianna has been raised her whole life to be a dragon slayer.  Everyone in her village and her family have all been raised to be hunters. In their village they live below a mountain that they have to climb in order to locate the dragons that could put their village and way of life at risk. Julianna has been practicing for the last year in secret after her brother turned 18 and was given his armour and sword. Julianna took one of the training swords and taught herself to fight watching her brother be trained by their father. Julianna in her first fight against her brother bests him and after only a day of training while her brother took months before he was ready is sent with her father on her first hunt.

While hiking up the mountain hunting her first dragon, Julianna notices that there is something different about the red dragon flying over head and Julianna can’t kill it after thinking that it is just protecting an egg.  When she stumbles and falls off the side of the cliff and the dragon swoops down and rescues Julianna.

The two fly off where Julianna learns a secret that no one else knows.  The dragons are more than they seem, and not all want to still be at war with the humans. Ash brings Julianna home to try to get a human that would be willing to be an advocate for the dragons to stop the deaths. Can Julianna do what Ash hopes and end the war with the humans?


This is a cute story with a lot going for it. It has a young adult feel to it and has a great story to tell. The combination of the two writers works well and it is obvious that they work well together as the chapters flow smoothly. Julianna is a great female main character that is strong and pretty fearless. Ash is an interesting character that has a great reason for essentially kidnapping Julianna. He is complex and written with that in mind.  I like this series and am looking forward to reading Book 2 Warrior.


Check out Slayer here.


Grab Warrior here and start book 2.


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